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Cranial Fossae

  • Anterior
  • Middle
  • Posterior 

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Anterior Cranial Fossa (Bones, Landmarks)

  • Bones
    • Frontal 
    • Ethmoid
    • Sphenoid
  • Landmarks
    • Falx Cerebri attaches to frontal crest and crista galli
    • Tentorium Cerebelli attaches to anterior clinoid process

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Foramina of Anterior Cranial Fossa and what structures pass through them

  • Foramen Cecum  - Emissary vein between superior sagittal sinus and nasal cavity
  • Cribiform Palate - Olfactory Nerves (I)
  • Optic Canal - Optic nerves (II) and Opthalmic arteries

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Middle Cranial Fossa

  • Bones
    • Temporal 
    • Sphenoid
  • Organ
    • Temporal Lobe of brain
  • Landmarks
    • Sella turcica in hypophoseal fossa containing pituitary gland


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Foramina of Middle Cranial Fossa and what structures pass through them

  • Superior Orbital Fissure: III, IV, V1, VI, opthalmic veins
  • Foramen rotundum: V2 (maxillary of trigeminal)
  • Foramen Ovale: V3 (Mandibular of trigeminal)
  • Foramen Spinosum: Middle meningeal artery
  • Hiatus for greater petrosal nerve: Greater petrosal nerve (branch of VII)
  • Hiatus for lesser petrosal nerve: Lesser petrosal nerve (branch of IX)

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Carotid Canal vs. Foramen Lacerum

  • Foramen Lacerum
    • Nothing transmitted through 
    • plugged in real life by cartilage
  • Carotid Canal
    • passage of internal carotid artery

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Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis)

  • SIts in sella turcica in hypophoseal fossa
  • Infundibulum = stalk of pituitary

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Posterior Cranial Fossa

  • Bones
    • Occipital
    • Temporal
  • Organ
    • Cereballum
    • Brain stem 
    • Occipital Lobe

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Foramina of Posterior Cranial Fossa and what passes through them

  • Foramen Magnum - Brainstem/spinal cord, vertebral arteries, XI
  • Internal acoustic meatus - VII, VIII, labyrinthine artery
  • Jugular Foramen - IX, X, XI, inferior petrosal sinus, sigmoid sinus (turns into IJV)
  • Hypoglossal canal - XII

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Cranial Nerves in Cranial Fossa

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Dural venous sinuses: What they do, what they accept, where they are, and where they go

  • Function: Venous drainage of Brain
  • Accept: Veins from Cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem
  • Location: between periosteal and meningeal layers of dura mater
  • Destination: IJV

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How is the Cranium Drained?

  • Diploic Veins - run between internal and external tables of compact bone
    • Empty into dural venous sinouses
  • Emissary Veins - travel from inside cranial cavity to outside
    • no valves
    • spread of infection 

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Dural Venous Sinuses Picture

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Dural Venous Sinus picture - Superior view 

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Flow of blood through dural venous sinuses to IJV

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What does superior saggital sinus also recieve ?



What does Straight Sinus also recieve 

Great Cerebral Vein


Contents of Cavernous Sinus

  • III
  • IV
  • V1
  • V2
  • VI 
  • Internal carotid artery 

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