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What seperates nasal cavity from nasal pharynx?

Choanae (in posterior of nasal cavity)


Piriform Apterture 

Surrounded by

  • Maxillae
    • Anterior nasal spine
  • Nasal Bones

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Components of External Nose

  • Ala (wing)
  • Dorsum
  • Nares (nostrils)

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Nasal Cartilages

  • Lateral
  • Septal 
  • Alar

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Nasal Cavity

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Parts of Nasal Septum

  • Bony septum
    • Perpendicular plate of ethmoid
    • Vomer 
  • Cartilagenous septum
    • between vomer and perpendicular plate of ethmoid

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Structures of Lateral Nasal Wall 

  • Conchae (turbinates)
  • Meatuses (meati)



  • Turbinates
  • Scrolls of bone in nasal cavity
  • Superior and Middle are from ethmoid bone
  • Inferior is a seperate bone

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  • Airways below turbinates/conhae 
  • Superior
  • Middle
  • Inferior 

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Sphenoethmoidal Recess and what opens here

  • superior to superior turbinate
  • Sphenoid sinus opens here

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Features of the Middle Meatus

  • Ethmoid Bulla
  • Semilunar Hiatus
    • opening of Frontal and Maxillary sinuses 

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Features of Inferior Meatus

Nasolacrimal Duct

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Paranasal Sinuses

  • Frontal 
  • Maxillary
  • Ethmoidal
  • Sphenoid 

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Where does Ethmoidal sinus open into?

Middle and superior meatuses

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Maxillary Sinusitis

  • Inflammation of mucosa of maxillary sinus percieved as dental pain
  • Infraorbital nerve (V2) runs across roof of sinus 
  • give off branches that enter roots of teeth 
  • so inflamed mucosa can impinge on these nerves

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Anterior Nasal Sensation 

  • V1--> Nasocilliary Nerve --> Anterior ethmoidal nerve --> anterior and lateral septal nerves and
  • External nasal nerve
    • Supplies dorsum and tip of nose 
    • damanged in nasal bone fractures 

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Posterior Nasal Sensation 

  • V2 --> Sphenopalatine --> Posterior lateral nasal nerve and Nasopalatine Nerve 
    • passes through incisive canal to supply the anterior palate

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Olfactory Nerve (CN I)

  • Special Sensory - Smell
  • Cells located at roof of nasal cavity 
  • Fibers enter cranial cavity via cribiform plate of ethmoid bone
  • synapse in olfactory bulb, becomes olfactory tract


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Arterial Supply  of Nose

  • Sphenopalatine artery
    • from maxillary artery
    • through sphenopalatine foramen 
  • Ethmoidal artery
    • from opthalmic artery
    • through anterior and posterior ethmoidal foramina


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Nose bleeds (Epistaxis)

  • Anterior septum is highly vascularized
  • Kiesselbach's Area - common site for nosebleeds

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Nasal Fractures

  • Common
  • Severe fractures --> Cribiform Plate of Ethmoid
    • if Meninges tears, can result in
      • CSF leakage (CSF Rhi norrhea)
      • Meningitis
  • Damage of External Nasal Nerve can also occur


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Deviated Septum

  • May block passage of air through side of nasal cavity


Pterygopalatine Fossa

  • Space between posterior Maxillary and Pterygoid plate of Sphenoid 
  • Lateral entrance is through pterygomaxillary fissure

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Contents of Pterygopalatine Fossa

  • Branches of V2
  • Nerve of Pterygoid Canal
  • Pterygopalatine ganglion
  • branches of maxillary artery

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V2 Branches in Pterygopalatine Fossa

  • enters foramen rotundum and branches into:
    • Zygomatic Nerve
    • Infraorbital Nerve 
    • Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve
    • Sphenopoalatine Nerve
    • Greater/Lesser Palatine
    • Pharyngeal Nerve 


Vidian's Nerve (Nerve of Pterygoid Canal)

  • unoin of sympathetic and parasympthetic
  • Sympathetic
    • postganglionic
    • Deep Petrosal Nerve
    • from Carotid Plexus (Sympathetic Trunk)
  • Parasympathetic 
    • preganglionic
    • Greater Petrosal Nerve (CN VII)
    • synapse in pterygopalatine ganglion
    • hitchhike on branches of V2

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What does Maxillary Artery enter pterygopalatine fossa through?

  • Pterygomaxillary fissure 
  • Branches and follows V2

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Part of Palate

  • Hard Palate
    • maxilla bone
      • Incisive fossa
      • Alveolar proceesses hold teeth
    • palatine bone
      • Greater/Lesser palatine foramina 
  • Soft Palate
    • muscles/aponeuroses

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Characteristics of Palatine Mucosa

  • Covers hard and soft palate
  • Ruggae - anterior part; transverse folds
  • Raphe - central longitudinal ridge
  • Incisive Papilla - over incisive fossa 

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Soft Palate Fucntion and Structures

  • Function: Close off nasopharynx from oral cavity/oropharynx
    • prevents food from entering nasal cavity during swallowing 
    • needed to speak clearly, not needed to swallow 
  • Structures: Uvula hangs from posterior edge

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Sensory Nerves from the Palate

  • Somatic Sensory V2
    • Nasopalatine Nerve
    • Greater Palatine Nerve
    • Lesser palatine Nerve
  • Taste
    • Taste buds supplied by CN VII

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Blood Supply to Palate

  • Greater and Lesser Palatine Arteries
    • From Maxillary Artery 

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