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Action & uses of Demerol

Binds to opioid receptors within CNS, alters pain perception, emotional response to pain.
Treatment for moderate to severe pain, reduces post op shivering, reduces rigors from amphotercin


Dose for Demerol

50-75 mg q 3-4h PRN


Side effects of Demerol

Sedation, dizziness, drowsiness, N & V, constipation, diaphoresis, facial flushing


Contraindications of Demerol

Use of MAOI's (antidepressant) within 14 days


Absorption of Demerol

Absorbed- circulatory system
Metabolized- liver
Excreted- urine


Nursing interventions for Demerol

Pt needs to be in recumbent position b4 drug is given
Assess onset, location, type, duration of pain
Obtain VS (RR, B/P) 15-30 minutes after injection
RR less than 12, withhold Rx contact MD
Check for output


Teaching Demerol

Discomfort may occur with injection
Change positions slowly
Increase fluids to prevent constipation
Avoid alcohol or CNS depressants

Administer IM slowly


Classification of Demerol

Narcotic agonist
Opiate analgesic
(schedule II)