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Define physical development

Growth and changes in the tissue and organs


Define social/emotional development

Self-awareness and social interactions


Give an example of social/emotional development in a preschooler

They develop effort and ability
(They do not have a deeper self-awareness)
(They think they can fly)


Define cognitive development

Memory capacity and critical thinking


Define communication development

How well someone communicates and how fluent it is


Define adaptive development

Development that is learned, it enables independence
EX: self-care


What are some signs that infants reach their developmental milestones?

1. forming close relationships with primary caregivers
2. putting things in their mouth
3. legs are shaped correctly


What developmental milestone should an 8-month-old baby be able to reach?

Sitting up on their own without support


When is the Denver Developmental Test supposed to be given?

Given up to 18 months or 2 years of age


When do Early Language Milestones usually occurs?

Between the ages of 1-3


What is the MCHAT test used for?

To test for autism in children


What is the developmental stage of a toddler called?

Autonomy vs. Doubt


What are some developmental milestones for toddlers?

1. differentiating self from others
2. Tolerating separation from primary caregivers
3. controlling body functions
4. Acquiring verbal communication
5. Self-control
6. Feelings of shame and self-doubt


Should parents stay in the hospital room with a toddler or not?

They should stay in the hospital room


When taking vital signs of an infant should the nurse take the infant out of the parent's arms or not? Why or why not?

No, they should not take the infant out of their parent's arms because the infant is more calm in the parent's arms.


What are some developmental milestones for a preschool aged student?

1. identifying their sex role
2. Developing a sense of initiative (I'm gonna get this done)
3. Interacting with other in socially acceptable ways
4. Learning to use language for social interaction
5. Should be able to talk in full sentences by age 3
6. Should be able to dress themselves by age 5
7. Should be able to sit through short stories by age 6


How do preschool aged children understand the world around them?

1. they talk to toys and makeup stories


What should the nurse do to help make the preschool aged child more comfortable with their assessment?

Allow the child to play with the equipment before you use them on them


What are some developmental milestones that school-aged children should reach?

1. Mastering physical skills
2. Building self-esteem and a positive self-concept
3. Fitting into a peer group
4. Developing logical reasoning (If I climb the tree I might fall)


What does a school aged child need if they cannot button, zip, or snap their clothing?

Occupational therapy


What should the nurse do to encourage the school aged patient?

1. recognize that school aged children get frustrated with their health problems
2. Tell the child things so that the school-aged child does not feel the stigma of their health problem
3. Praise them about using their medication like they are supposed to (EX: praise them on their inhaler use)
4. Explain what is happening with the child
5. Give them a pamphlet
6. Have them repeat things back to you.


Where should meds be placed when you have a school aged child?

1. Put dangerous meds in a safe place
2. The cabinet above the stove is the safest place because it is harder to get to


What are some developmental milestones for an adolescent?

1. Searching for identity
2. Increasing independence from parents
3. Forming close relationships with peers
4. Developing analytic thinking
5. Forming a value system
6. Choosing a career


How will adolescents tend to act if they are in the hospital?

They tend to act more like a child, so watch their facial expressions


If the adolescent is taking medications what should the nurse realize?

1. They normally do not want to be compliant with medications
2. They may feel embarrassed because it is a social stigma
3. Set up support groups with older teens that manage their own disease


What are developmental milestones for a young adult?

1. leaving the family home
2. establishing a career or vocation
3. Choosing a mate and forming an intimate relationship
4. Managing one's own household
5. Beginning a parenting role
6. Developing a meaningful philosophy of life


What should a nurse do for a young adult if they have a health issue?

1. If they have low-esteem, offer independent decision-making opportunities
2. Offer good advice about good health practices (screenings and plan of care)


What are some developmental milestones for a middle adult?

1. Accepting and adjusting to physical changes
2. Reviewing and redirecting career goals
3. Developing hobbies and leisure activities
4. Adjusting to aging parents
5. Coping with children leaving home


What are some developmental milestones for an older adult?

1. adjusting to declining physical strength and health
2. Forming relationships within one's peer group
3. Adjusting to retirement
4. Developing post retirement activities that maintain self-worth and usefulness
5. Adjusting to the death of a spouse, family members, and friends
6. conducting a life review
7. Preparing for death


If a nurse sees delays in an older adult what should the nurse be asking?

1. what are their normal activities (are they able to clean their house like they normally would?)
2. Ask them about their sexual activity