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define technology

The knowledge and use of tools, machines, materials, and processes to help solve human problems


Define Health Information Technology

The comprehensive management of health information and its secure exchange between consumers, providers, government, and quality entities and insurers


Define Informatics

The science that encompasses information science and computer science to study the process, management, and retrieval of information


Define health informatics

A discipline in which health data is stored, analyzed and disseminated through the application of information and communication technology


Define EHR

Electronic Health Records
An individuals official, digital health record and is shared among multiple facilities and agencies


Can EHR health records be shared?



Define EMR

Electronic Medical Record
An individual's health record within a health care provider's facility and decision support tools to guide practice and decision making


Can the EMR of a patient be shared?

It cannot be shared with anyone who is not involved in patient care without permission of the patient


Define HIEs

Health Information Exchanges
Support sharing of health data across health care institutes and data warehouse


What kind of things do home health nurses have in order to do electronic documentation but not share confidential informatoin?

They have passwords for their devices so that they do not share information with others


What area does TeleHealth work the best in?

A rural community


What type of language needs to be used in Informatics and Technology?

A universal language


Define mobile health tools

Wellness monitoring devices, personal health records, patient portals, and physiological monitoring sensors