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Why is spirituality such an important concept in nursing?

Spirituality allows you to understand the patient a little more, and if it is not addressed, then it could lead to poor patient outcomes


Can someone be spiritual without being religious?

Yes, just because someone is spiritual does not mean they are religious.


How would nature-based spiritual people feel about being in a hospital?

They may feel very uneasy in a hospital setting


Is spirituality subjective or objective?



Is religion subjective or objective?



What 3 three things classify religion based on the lecture?

1. institutional
2. beliefs
3. Rituals


What are some important aspects of spiritual care?

1. honoring and recognizing religious beliefs and practices
2. can also be shared laughter or tears
3. keeping a vigil with the family or crying with the family.


What are the three distinct approaches that are included in spirituality?

1. communication
2. action
3. presence


What differences in spirituality can include an approach to medicine?

EX: Jehovah's Witnesses do not accept blood transfusions


What are holy days?

Days set aside for religious observances


Give examples of holy days

Sabbath, fasting, extended prayer (several times/day)


What are sacred writings?

Sacred, authoritative scriptures


Give examples of different types of holy writings

1. Bible
2. Torah and Talmud
3. Koran
4. Vedas


What things can be considered sacred symbols?

1. jewelry
2. medals
3. Amulets
4. Icons
5. totems, etc.


Why are sacred symbols typically worn?

For protection and to pronounce faith


What is the significance of prayer?

It is a type of communication with divine spiritual. It provides a comfort to the individual and it is usually linked with religion.


Is meditation a for of prayer?

Yes, it is the act of focusing one's thoughts or engaging in self-reflection or contemplation


What are some characteristics of Judaism in health care?

1. participate actively in care
2. Seek treatment from Western doctors
3. May keep a kosher diet
4. Use all care necessary to extend their life
5. Bury dead as soon as possible (within 24 hours if possible)


What are some important considerations with Muslims in Health care?

1. View health events as a direct result of God's will
2. Pray 5 times/day
3. Cleanliness and modesty is very important
4. Nurses should be of the same gender


What are some important considerations of Roman Catholicism in healthcare?

1. generally, participate in Western medicine
2. Anointing of the sick (Last Rites)


What are some important considerations of Protestant Christianity?

1. Includes many religions
2. Generally, embrace Western medicine
3. May differ in views about birth control and end-of-life care


What are some considerations for Hinduism in healthcare?

1. typically embrace western medicine (however, they do like alternative therapies)
2. Generally do not eat mean
3. Believe that they have more than one life (may not mourn as much)
4. They have ceremonial rites for dying right after death


What are some considerations of Buddhism in healthcare?

1. Generally prefer eastern medicine (cure through mind, herbs, and acupuncture)
2. may use traditional therapies in addition


What are some alternative therapies from the Hindi culture?

1. homeopathic
2. supplements
3. acupuncture


What are some considerations of Jehovah's Witnesses in healthcare?

1. Prohibit blood transfusion
2. organ donation and transplantation are viewed as personal decisions


What things need to be addressed for an assessment of spirituality?

1. diet and nutritional restrictions based on beliefs
2. Prayers observed and what times
3. Use of sacred objects or texts during prayers
4. Prohibition regarding medical procedures
5. other medical-related requirements


What are some nursing diagnosis' that are for a patient who has had their ability to exercise religion threatened by medical situations?

1. risk for impaired religiosity
2. Impaired religiosity
3. Readiness for enhanced religiosity
4. Interrupted family processes
5. Rediness for an enhanced family coping
6. Risk for compromised human dignity
7. Risk for powerlessness


What should be implemented during the planning stage of the nursing process for spirituality?

Attempt to preserve client's/family's observance of religious observances


Give an example of what could be stated during the planning stage for spirituality

Client will:
1. Be able to participate in religious observances, including communion
2. Be able to participate in prayer at prescribed times without interruption
3. Receive meals in keeping with the religious diet restrictions
4. Have access to religious resources


What is an important implementation for spirituality?

Assisting clients with prayers