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What are the natural neurologic reflexes of infants?

Sucking, stepping, startle, and Bbinski reflex


What happens to a pregnant female regarding the neurologic system?

1.The growing fetus puts pressure on the pelvic nerves results in changes in the legs as it grows
2. The center of gravity changes as does the lumbar curvature
3. Change in posture aggravates roots of nerves causing sensory changes in the lower extremities
4. Hyperactive reflexes may indicate pregnancy induced hypertension


What happens to the older adult regarding the neurological system?

1. The senses are not as acute (diminished taste decreased hearing and vision)
2. Decreased muscle mass- moves and reacts slower (shuffling gait, unsteady steps)


What are the four parts of the brain?

1. Cerebrum
2. Diencephalon
3. Cerebellum
4. Brain stem


How many cranial nerves are there?

12 pairs of cranial nerves


How many pairs of spinal nerves are there?

31 pairs of spinal nerves


What does carbon monoxide, manganese, and mercury cause?



What can peripheral neuropathy be caused from?

organophosphates in insecticides and lead poisoning


How does a nurse assess the nervous system with the

1. check the visual fields by the "wiggly fingers"
2. check vision using the Snellen chart (The Rosenbaum if over the age of 40)
3. Check to see if the pupils constrict and consensual when exposed to light
4. Check the EOM- 6 cardinal signs


How do you do a neural assessment with the ears?

1. make sure they are level and the same color as the face
2. palpate for any pain and nodules
3. Look at tympanic membrane
4. For a child pull down and back
5. For an adult pull up and back
6. do a whisper test (face the patient if they are hard of hearing)


How do you do a neural assessment with the nose?

1. Make sure it is midline, same color as the face, and proportionate to the face
2. Make sure the septum is midline and intact
3. look for foreign bodies or polyps
4. ask them to identify 2 different odors with eyes closed and check each nare


How would you check for hypoxia in a dark skinned person?

Check the oral mucosa


What color should someone's lips be?

Pink and moist


How should gums look?

pink with defined margins


How should someones tongue look?

pink, moist, ventral: smooth, dorsal: rough, midline when stuck out


How should buccal mucosa look?

pink and moist


How should the hard palate look?

White rough and intact


How should the soft palate look?

Pink and smooth