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how do we collect the cheek cells

bite the insides of cheek, rinse water, spit


why is RNA used to transfer info from nucleus to cytosol

DNA cant leave nucleus for protection and security. if it goes outside, it will change easily and get destroyed


how to break cell

use detergent to dissolve membrane

use lipase to break down the lipids



enzymes that break peptide bonds and does not come from E.Coli. In ecoli functions best at 37-38

Here at 50.


what is meat tenderizer

a powder or spice, an enzyme

that hydrolyzes structural proteins.


how to make DNA insolubale


DNA has negative

salt is positive

DNA is now neutral

not soluble in water


how to percipate DNA

seperate it from other molecules, add cold alcohol

when you add it , DNA wil percipitate because it is less soluble in alcohol than in water.

when cold alcohol and water meet, DNA meets and comes together and is not dissolved at all. other stuff is dissolved.

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