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Rna Polymerase

5 things

Super enzyme for transcription

Recognizes promoter as start on DNA

Unwinds and unzips DNA breaking H Bonds

Builds mRNA from 5 to 3 by adding on RNA nucleotides

Rewinds/zips DNA

Recognizes terminator on DNA


what are codons

5 thin

Found on mRNA

Translate to amino acid “language” in genetic code

Bind with tRNA’s anticodon

Match with 1 amino acid

64 possible codons due to groups of three


what are ribososomes

Two subunits made of rRNA and proteins

Found in the cytoplasm or on the ER

Factory site of translation

Entry and exit sides (P & A sites)


what is Trna

5 thins

Transfer RNA molecule that “shuttles” amino acids to the ribosome

Contains an anticodon that binds with codon on mRNA

Helps to join amino acids with peptide bonds to build a polypeptide

Used in translation

Needs an enzyme in order to add amino acids onto its structure


what is PCR

4 things

Copies DNA many times very quickly

Denaturing, annealing, and extending by changing temperature of system

Allows scientist to do more and quicker research on DNA.

Small samples are no longer a worry! We can make more!


Gel electrophesis

7 thiungs

Separates DNA fragments by size

Uses electrical charge (- to +) and buffer to help separate

Uses gel as an “obstacle” in order to separate fragments.

Short fragments move the quickest and furthest while long fragments don’t

Can be used to compare DNA of individuals

Help identify criminals, “who the daddy is”, related individuals, and fragment size

Work in conjunction with restriction enzymes

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