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sentence 1

the car du future will have lots of specialties 


paragraph 2

the car du future will have lots of specialties (irregular futur) 

  • it will be automatique (irregular futur)
  • a lot of security safe 
  • use electricity (COD)/not gas
  •     Earlier the car used gas (imparfat)


Paragraph 3

the car will have other specialties 

the car will accelerate quickly 

the car will have a map of the cities and cartes routies ( pronom "y" 

on the highway, the car will always respect the speed 


paragraph 4

the computer of the car will be special 

driver will play games (COD). Driver not uses to have fun, and be bored. no games in the old car. 

the car wont need a key, but a pasword

the computer will park the car on its own 

the computer will have internet, you can send messages by email 


paragraph 5

  • because the car wont use gas, no global warming
  • no ozone destruction 
  • no pollution 
  • good for people's health 



therefore the car will be special 

best and better than the train


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