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how did feudalism affect knights

known as vassals

required to give protection to lord to whom they pledgedallegiance

threat of loss of life

high in hierarchy


no need to pay taxes to lord


How did feudalism affect nuns

allegiances were to the church and to Son of God, not a landlord.

operated outside feudalism system

feudal system reinforcedsupremacy of religion and church, made them feel at the top.

men live better than women

pope TOP


how did it affect merchants

had to pay tithes to Chruch and taxes to townlord and guild

not necessarily protected from invaders

generally operated outside feudal system and obligations


how did feudalism peasant

you dont own land you are farming , rather you are farming for the lord of the manor

have to pay tithes and taxes to lord

no political rights

inherit low status


what is feudalism

a system of hierarchy and land ownership that involves rights and obligations for all involved.

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