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List the trophic levels from the bottom of the piramid to the top

Primary consumer
Secondary consumer
Tertiary consumer
Quaternary consumer


What are some characteristics of invasive species

Especially dangerous- native species are not scared of them
Giant impact on environment costing lots of money to restore crops and plants they destroy. They also throw off the balance for native species
No natural predators


Why does it take more than one pray to feed one predator

Only 10% of the energy goes to the predator therefore they need more food to balance out the amount of energy they are receiving


What energy source is at the base of all food chains?

The sun


What are eight characteristics of a living thing?

1. Growth and development
2. Reproduction
3. DNA or genetic material
4. respond to stimuli
5. Regulation and Homeostasis
6. Energy use and metabolism
7. Biological evolution
8. Cell organization