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Why was the political situation becoming more radical?

1- end to the French war
2- Cramner was becoming more radical
3- Nicholas Ridley and John Hooper were becoming more radical and influential
4- reflect increased role of of Edward who took role very seriously


How much of London was Protestant in 1550?



What measures did Parliament introduce in December 1550?

Measures to quicken the pace of removing Catholic practice:
- enforce act of uniformity
- more radical bishops
- alters replaced by communion tables


When did the evangelical reforms begin?

Parliament of January 1552


What were the key features of New Common Prayer Book 1552?

- removal of classic mass procedures
- removed all conservative doctrine in the church
- rewriting baptism
- reform of communion with con substantiation
- alters replaced with communion tables


What were the key doctrinal changes?

- removed all conservative doctrine
Eg- transubstantiation was outlawed


What were the key changes to practice?

- all classical mass procedures
- rewriting of all baptism, confirmation and funeral services
- alters replaced by communion tables
- ban on popish vestmants


What did Bishop Hooper find in the 1553 survey?

10/331 clergy could not recite the Lords Prayer

171/311 could not repeat the commandments


What conservative practice was allowed to remain within the church?

- black rubric allowed kneeling when taking communion
- vestmants- surplice for priest and rochet for bishops was allowed to remain.
- communion kept some of its conservative role.


How much untapped wealth did the Church have in 1552?



What was Northumberland strategy on religious policy?

1- continuing strong Protestant reforms
2- plundering the wealth of the church