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How did Ferdinand use Henry in 1512?

Henry sent an army to Southwest France under the Marquis of Dorset. Ferdinand used it as a diversion to claim Navarre


What two towns did Henry conquer in the Battle of the Spurs in 1513?

Therouanne and Tournai


Who invaded England in the Battle of Flodden in 1513 and who was killed?

Scotland, James IV


Nothing was achieved in military adventures in 1513 but what were the effects. [3]

Henry had to liquidate his fathers assets to pay for the wars
A new Yorkshire rebellion nearly kicked off
Tournai was sold back to France for less than it cost to repair


How did Wolsey recover the situation with France in 1514? [2]

Recovered the Treaty of Etaples
Arranged the marriage between Mary and Louis XII


What 3 things sum up foreign policy between 1514 and 1526?

- England was a minor power compared to France and Spain
- Henry overestimated English power
- Anglo-Scottish and Anglo-French relations were dependent due to the Auld alliance


What were the consequences of Henry running out of money by 1514? [2]

Couldn't exploit the weaknesses of Scotland after James IVs death
Had to make peace with the French


What treaty in 1516 left England isolated and who was it between?

The Treaty of Cambrai; France and Spain


How did Francis attempt to undermine Anglo-Scottish relations

Placed the Duke of Albany in Scotland, though he couldn't take advantage due to divisions in the Scottish nobility


Why was the Treaty of London in 1518 signed by all European monarchs

As a treaty of perpetual peace to form a united front against the Ottoman Turks


When was the Field of the Cloth of Gold

June 1520


How much did the Field of the Cloth of Gold cost Henry's treasury



Why did Henry back Charles V in 1521 instead of Francis? [3]

Allowed him to improve relations with the Pope who wanted to reduce Frencch control of northern Italy
Believed he could gain French territory
Deal included a marriage between Mary and the Emperor


What happened in the Battle of Pavia in 1525?

The Emperors forces crushed the French


What were the effects of Wolseys trade embargo on Burgundy

Charles retaliation caused widespread unemployment and social problems in England


How did Charles ensure that Henry wouldn't solve his marital issues in 1529?

Peace of Cambrai that reinforced the Popes political dependence on Charles


Why was there no short term repercussions to Henry's break from Rome

Charles was preoccupied with dealing with the the threat posed by the Ottoman Turks


How was pressure on Henry reduced in 1536? [2]

Catherine and Anne's death opened up a potential alliance with the Emperor
Renewal of tensions between Charles and Francis reduced the threat they both posed to England


Why was pressure intensified on Henry in 1538? [2]

Francis and Charles made peace and agreed to cut all links with England
The Pope sent envoys to France and Scotland to rouse support for a Catholic Crusade against Henry


When did Henry VIII remove Kildare from his post and what was the effect?

1534, sparked a major rebellion led by Kildares son


How did Henry try to pacify Ireland in 1541

Made it a separate Kingdom, imposing English law and creating counties out of Gaelic lordships


Why was the relationship after 1534 with Ireland much more complicated

There was the added religious differences


When was the Battle of Solway Moss and James V's death?



Who supported Henry's attempted marriage between Edward and Mary Queen of Scots

Earl of Arran


When and how where Edward and Mary Queen of Scots formally betrothed?

In 1543 through the Treaty of Greenwich


When the Scottish Parliament refused to ratify Edward and Mary's marriage, what did Henry do?

Sent the Earl of Herford to destroy Edinburgh and St Andrews


In 1544 Henry led a huge army to France with the aim of marching on (1) but only ended up capturing (2)

1 - Paris
2 - Boulogne


How did matters worsen with France in 1545? [3]

Francis sent troops to Scotland to threaten an invasion
The English were defeated at the Battle of Ancrum Moor
A separate French force went to the Isle of Wight


What had Henry been forced to do to fund the final war with France? [3]

Sell off much Crown land
Borrow huge amounts of money
Debase the coinage


Which child did the 1534 Succession Act declare illegitimate?



Which child did the 1536 Succession Act declare illegitimate?



What did the 1543 Succession Act do?

Reinstated the legitimacy of Mary and Elizabeth