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What was Wolsey's view of Parliament?

Dislikes it, only called 1 during his period of dominance


What drew Henry's attention to Thomas Wolsey?

His organisational and administrational skills as seen in the 1513 war with France


Why did Wolsey remove Henry's minions from the Privy Chamber?

Collectively, they didn't trust him and represented a section of government that was out of his control. Replaced in 1519 by his own supporters


What position did Wolsey hold that gave him control over the judicial system?

Lord Chancellor


What issues did the Court of Chancery deal with? [2]

Enclosure, and land left to others in wills


When did Wolsey extend the Court of Star Chamber and what cases did it hear?

1516, mainly alleged misconduct of people dominant in their localities.

Also heard private lawsuits


What was the Amicable Grant introduced in 1525

In theory a gift given to the monarch, but in reality was a harsh tax that was not commissioned by Parliament


What were the Eltham Ordinances and what did they achieve?

Laws in 1526 to reform the finances of the Privy Chamber. Allowed Wolsey to reduce the Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, the most important removal was Sir William Compton, Henry's groom of the stool


What was the King's great matter?

The need for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn


What biblical reference did Henry use as grounds for his divorce from Catherine and how did she claim it was invalid?

The bible claimed that one couldn't marry his brothers widow.

Catherine argued it was invalid as the marriage wasn't consummated


What dates did the case heard by Cardinal Campeggio run from?

15th June 1529 to 30th July 1529


When did Wolsey die?

29th November 1529


How did Cromwell suggest Henry secure the divorce?

Make a break from Rome and make himself the head of a new English church


The Collectanea Satis Copiosa justified the Kings's divorce on the basis of legal and historical principles? Who compiled it?

Thomas Cranmer and Edward Foxe


How did Anne force the issue of annulment?

She agreed to a relationship with Henry, hoping she would become pregnant, which she did in December 1532


When did Henry and Anne marry?

25th January 1533


When did Henry and Catherine divorce?

May 1533


When and what was the Act in Restraint of Appeals?

April 1533, claimed that appeals couldn't be made to Rome


What act was passed in November 1534?

The Act of Supremacy. Made Henry head of the English Church


What did the Act of Succession in April 1534 declare? [2]

Made Henry's marriage to Catherine void
Succession placed in the children of Anne's marriage


What was Anne Boleyn accused of and when was she killed?

Adultery, which was also treason. Executed on 19th May 1536


What led to Cromwell's downfall?

The suggestion of marriage to Anne of Cleves, which allowed the Duke of Norfolk to convince the King that Cromwell had committed treason


When was Cromwell executed?

28th July 1540


Who was Catherine Howard's uncle?

Duke of Norfolk


Why did the Duke of Norfolk fall out of favour with the King?

Catherine Howard committed adultery with her cousin.


When did Henry VIII die and whose life did it spare?

28th January 1547, the Duke of Norfolk