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What was the date of the Battle of Bosworth and who did Henry Tudor defeat?

22nd August 1485, Richard III


Why was Henry's claim to the throne weak?

The blood line was from his mothers side (Lady Margaret Beaufort)


How did Henry allow himself to accuse Richard III's soldiers of treason?

Backdated his reign to the day before the Battle of Bosworth, to 21st August 1485


How did Henry show that his power had not come from Parliament?

Coronation took place on the 30th October, a week before he held his first parliament, on the 7th November


How did Henry neutralise the Yorkist threat to the throne? [2]

- Detained the Earl of Warwick in the Tower of London
- Married Elizabeth of York in January 1486


Which two people did Henry appoint to his council and what positions did they take?

Sir Reginald Bray as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Sir William Stanley as Chamberlain of the Household


When did the Lovell and Stafford rebellion take place and where did they attempt to rally forces?

Easter 1486.
Lovell tried to raise a rebellion in the North riding of Yorkshire
Stafford tried to raise support in the Midlands


What did the Lovell and Stafford rebellion show to Henry?

The Yorkists at the time weren't very enthusiastic about a revolt


Who did Lambert Simnel attempt to impersonate in 1487 and who masterminded it?

The Earl of Warwick, organised by John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln


How did Henry deal with the Lambert Simnel impersonation?

He put the true Earl of Warwick on show in London for all to see


Who did Henry reinstate to the North in order to neutralise the Yorkist threat?

The Earl of Northumberland


Where did Henry's troops and Margarets mercenaries meet in the Lambert Simnel impersonation? Who was head of Henry's army and who was killed?

The Battle of Stoke Field in 1487.
Henry's army was led by the Earl of Oxford
John de la Pole, the Earl on Lincoln was killed


Who did Perkin Warbeck impersonate?

Richard, Duke of York, a prince from the tower


Who trained Perkin Warbeck as a Yorkists prince

Margaret of Burgundy


Which insider was helping Perkin Warbeck

Sir William Stanley, the Lord Chamberlain


When did Perkin Warbeck surrender to Henry and why?

In 1497, after failing to exploit the crown during the Cornish rebellion