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What was the 1539 Act of Six Articles?

It strengthened Catholic doctrine within the Church by allowing transubstantiation and putting catholic principles at the heart of society.


What did the July 1547 injunctions do?

Attacked popular features of Catholicism such as:
- lights
- images
- stained glass
- religious days (Ash Wednesday and Candlemas)


How much did the Chantries act raise?



What did the 1549 Act of Uniformity state?

- establish a form of services with Protestant practice
- laity not forced to attend church only one clergy men
- single form of church services within the church all in English


What was the compromise over the act of uniformity?

All services Catholic but just conducted in English.


What was Cramner keen to avoid in the 1549 Common Prayer Book?

Major religious tension


What was in the 1549 common prayer book?

Outlined the liturgy to be used in church services on the following:
-services in English
- sacraments
- communion
- clerical marriage
- banned prayers for the dead
- discouraged worshipping to saints


What did the 1549 prayer book allow?

Transubstantiation and made no opinion on purgatory.


What were the impacts of the attack on the Catholic Church? (3)

- reduced charitable function
- prevented communication with the dead
- reduced the church role in the community


Who promoted the denunciation of images?

Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London