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What were the 3 main functions of Henry VII's government?

To advise the King
To administer the realm on the King's behalf
To make legal judgements


What was the function of the Council Learned?

To exploit the King's prerogative rights?


Who were the two men mainly associated with the Council Learned?

Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley


What was the function of The Chamber?

Used for holding audiences and public dining. It was the centre of court communications and court patronage


What was the function of the Privy Chamber?

The Kings private headquarters. Used for work and leisure.


What were the two functions of Parliament?

To pass laws and grant taxation to the crown


How many Parliaments did Henry VII call in his reign?



What was extraordinary revenue?

Money raised by the King from additional sources as one off payments when he needed extra money. Made up of Parliamentary grants and loans


How did the King hope to maintain authority throughout the country?

Relied on well-placed nobles to exercise authority on his behalf


What were bonds and recognizances?

Legal documents binding an individual to another to perform an action or forfeit a specified sum of money if not


What's were JP's responsible for under Henry VII? [3]

Tax Assessments
Investigating complaints against local officials
Maintenance of law and order


Why did income from Crown lands drop to around £12,000 at the start of Henry VII's reign?

Due to the collection and administration by the inefficient court of Exchequer


After Henry changed his system of financial administration to through the Chamber, what was his income per year?



What was feudal aid?

The Crown imposing a tax on their tenants for the knighting of their eldest son, the marriage of their eldest daughter.


In the Treaty of Etaples in 1492, what pension did the French agree to pay to England?

£5000 PA


Between 1504 and 1507, how much money was promised to the King through bonds?



How much inheritance did Henry leave to Henry in plate and jewels, and cash?

£300,000 in plates and jewels, £10000 in cash