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What were the 3 aims of Henry VII's foreign policy?

Ensure national security
Achieve dynastic recongnition
Defence of English trading interests


France invaded Brittany in 1487. Why did Henry feel the need to raise extraordinary revenue in 1489?

Felt a sense of obligation to the Bretons
Thought France were more of a threat in Brittany


What treaty did England and Brittany agree in 1489?

The Treaty of Redon


What were the conditions of the Treaty of Redon?

Anne agreed to pay Henry a pension in order for his army to defend Brittany.

Henry also thought it would improve relations with the HRE, as Maximilian had just agreed marriage-by-proxy to Anne


Why did the involvement in Brittany backfire?

Anne surrendered and agreed to marry Charles VIII (France)
Maximilian lost interest as he had lost his wife
Henry's army was left stranded in Brittany


How did Henry VII recover his position with France?

He invaded France in 1492, knowing that Charles wanted to invade Italy so would want peace with England.


What agreement did England and France come to in 1492 and what did it say?

Treaty of Etaples in 1492.
France's removed support for Perkin Warbeck and agreed to pay compensation for Henry having to raise an army


Why was it necessary to maintain good relations with Burgundy?

The bulk of English exports went through the ports of the Netherlands


Why did Henry put an embargo on the Netherlands?

To attempt to stop Margaret and Philip harbouring Perkin Warbeck


What was the Intercursus Magnus and what did it agree?

Treaty between England and Burgundy, restored trade links between the two countries.


What did the Intercurcus Malus achieve?

The Earl of Suffolk was sent back to England locked in the Tower. Occurred in 1506


When was the Treaty of Medina deal Campo and what did it achieve?

Two monarchs offered mutual protection in the event of an attack
Agreed not to harbour rebels or pretenders
Arranged the marriage of Arthur and Catherine of Aragon


What were the problems with the implementation of the Treaty of Medina del Campo?

Marriage arrangements didn't go smoothly
The Monarchs argued over the size of Catherine's dowry
Ferdinand was reluctant for the marriage to take place while Perkin Warbeck threatened dynastic stability


When did Arthur die



When Juana and Philip of Burgundy crashed in 1506, what was arranged?

The treaty of Windsor
- the Intercursus Malus
- Earl of Suffolk returned to England
Henry recognised Juana as ruler of Castile


Whose death was costly for Henry in relations with Spain and how?

Philip of Burgundy
- Juana went mad with grief allowing Ferdinand to become regent of Castile
- Ferdinand ensured that the marriage of Henry and Catherine wouldn't take place during Henry VII's reign


Why did Anglo-Scottish relations deteriorate in 1486?

James IV convinced Perkin Warbeck to cross the English border with an army


What rebellion was caused by Henry raising extraordinary revenue for a campaign in Scotland?

The Cornish Rebellion (1497)


In what treaty was Margaret married to James IV?

The Treaty of Perpetual Peace in 1502, with the marriage taking place in 1503


What actions by the earl of Kildare forced Henry to take action?

He crowned Lambert Simnel King of Ireland in 1486 and supported Perking Warbeck in 1491


What actions did Henry take in Ireland in 1491?

He appointed Prince Henry as Lieutenant of Ireland with Poynings as his deputy


When and why did Henry reappoint Kildare?

1495, following an invasion of Perkin Warbeck in Ireland


What was the reappointment of Kildare successful?

Kildare became loyal to the Tudor cause in 1496, due to the riches that he had earnt.


When did Henry VII die?

21st April 1509