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What is the sphere of influence

How far people are willing to travel to make use of a shop or service


What is the Threshhold

The minimum number of people required by a business to make a profit


Low order goods

These are things we need to use and buy frequently


High order goods

These are things we use and buy infrequently


Where is the Elgar retail park

Worcestershire, west midlands, England


Why does better transport mean retail has changed

People can travel further for cheaper


Why has the number of small shops decreased

competition from larger shops


In the context of parking, why do people prefer retails parks

Parking is free and plentiful, whereas in the CBD it is expensive


Why do people like to shop under in retail parks

Longer opening hours, all needs under roof so unaffected by weather.


Why does modern tech mean more people visit retail parks

Retail parks facilitate specialist tech


Why did more people visit the CBD in the past

It was in the centre of the city and people living in the inner city could walk there


What groups of people cannot access out of town shopping centres ( 2 )

1/Disabled people
2/ elderly


What improvements have been made to Worcesters CBD ( 3 )

1/ Free/cheap parking at certain times
2/ New St Martins Gate corner
3/ High street just for pedestrians during fay to prevent accidents.