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What is aid

giving of good or services - usually from MEDCs to LEDCs


What type of time periods are there for aid

Short and long term aid


What are the types of aid ( 3 )

1/ Bilateral aid
2/ Multilateral aid
3/ Non-governmental aid


What is meant by bilateral aid

Aid given directly from one government to another


What is meant by multilateral aid

Aid given through an agency such as the world bank, this agency then distributes the money appropriately


What is meant by non governmental aid

Is given to charities such as oxfam and unicef


What is meant by tied aid

Aid that has conditions, such as repayments


Points in favor of aid ( 6 )

1/ Emergency aid in times of disaster can reduce the harm
2/ Development projects such as provision of clean water can increase living standards
3/ Can benefit the economy when supplying natural resources and power
4/ Help create jobs and infrastructure via aided industry development
5/ Aid agriculture benefited by resources
6/ Provision of medical treatment


Points against aid ( 4 )

1/ Aid can increase the dependency of LEDCs on MEDCs
2/ Profits from large projects can go to MNCs and donors
3/ Aid does not always reach the people who need it and can be kept by corrupt officials
4/ Aid can be spent on unnecessary projects in urban areas


Where is Karnataka

Southwest India, on the Arabian sea


What are 3 problems in Karnataka

1/ Lack of electricity
2/ Too much reliance on LPG gas - expensive and unsustainable
3/ Lack of clean water in rural areas - disease arises


Define sustainable in the context of geography

Meeting the needs to the present generation and the future generation.


What are 3 appropriate technologies implemented in KARNATAKA

1/ Solar panels
2/ Sanja chula cooking stove
3/ Rope pumps


Explain: solar panels

Provided by SELCO. They are bought by the community in a self-help scheme. Cost $400 but saves money on expensive kerosene lamps


Explain: Sanja Chula cooking stove

Cooking stove which uses bio-fuel. Used in schools so saves the school moolar. Bio-fuel purchased from local farms


Explain: Rope pumps

Take water from within the deep groundwater store. This water is much cleaner as it has been filtered.


Why are solar panels appropriate and advantageous ( 3 )

1/ Don't pollute the environment while the old kerosene lamps did
2/ Children can study longer and therefor get better education etc
3/ Businesses can stay open longer


Why is the sanja chula cooking stove appropriate and advantageous ( 3 )

1/ Schools can buy more and better supplies with the money they save
2/ Farmers waste is sold so they make more mahoolar
3/ Carbon neutral


Why are rope pumps appropriate and advantageous ( 2 )

1/ Diseases prevented as people are no longer drinking contaminated water
2/ Saves time as people do not have to travel as far to find water