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Where is the Nissan factory

Sunderland, Tyne and wear, NE England


Why did Nissan settle in Sunderland ( 5 )

1/ Reduced business tax from government
2/ Access to EU market
3/ Flat land with room for expansion onto greenfield site
3/ Access to A19 trunk road - rapid transportation of components into factory and Nissan cars out of the factory
4/ Access to a large labour force in near by settlements
5/ access to other services in near by settlements


When did the Sunderland Nissan factory open



How many jobs did the Sunderland Nissan factory create



What did the Sunderland Nissan factory initiate

The multiplier effect


What are the Sunderland plant's positive impacts on local residents ( 1 )

1/ More jobs made available to them, therefore have more disposable income to spend in the local area so improved standard of living.


What are the Sunderland plant's negative impacts on the local residents ( 1 )

May increase traffic, and therefore more noise and air pollution


How are the local business positively impacted ( 2 )

1/ Some benefit from providing their services to the factory, such as catering, cleaning, etc
2/ Local people have more disposable income to spend in the local shops


How are the local government positively impacted ( 1 )

1/ Increased revenue from tax paid by the factory
2/ More tax paid by local businesses as more people have more disposable income


How are the national government impacted ( 1 )

Helps lower unemployment which is a particular problem in the North East


How are the environmentalists negatively impacted ( 1 )

1/ Concerned that the factory is built on green land if factory is expand


How are environmentalists positively impacted ( 1 )

1/ Nissan has built 6 wind turbines, cutting 4000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year


Where is Chennai

On the east coast of India


What is the population of Chennai

4.4 Million


Why did Nissan locate in Chennai

1/ Population of 4.4 million
2/ Materials can be easily imported
3/ Rapid growth of car ownership in India, so demanding domestic market to sell to
4/ Low labor costs


Why can cars be priced more competitively in India

Cheap labor costs


Who d some people think the workers in Chennai are being exploited

Cheap labor costs


How does the Chennai factory effect the local government

more taxes to spend on public services such as rubbish collection


What does the Chennai factory do to help the environment

have 70% of the water in the factory coming from rainwater harvesting


Why would the Chennai factory closing be bad

The area around could go into a circle of decline