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What is the process affecting the Sahel



What is desertification

Process by which lands turns to desert


Explain how desertification occurs

Grassland overgrazed and less rain means more evapotranspiration, both leading to soil becoming bare which then is eroded by wind and water, then becoming infertile and therefore desert


Where is the Sahel

North Africa, under the Sahara desert crosses countries such as Ethiopia, Niger , Mali


How does desertification affect people ( 5 )

1/ Crops and cattle die, resulting in famine
2/ Lack of fuel woord
3/ Death
4/ Migrants move to cities resulting in overpopulation
5/ Malnutrition


How does desertification affect people ( 5 )

1/ Soil erosion - from wind and rain when it does come
2/ Sun baked, cracked soil, dry rivers
3/ Loss of plants and animals
4/ Growth of desert
5/ increase in sandstorms and flash floods


Name 3 solutions

1/ Plant trees
2/ "Magic stones"
3/ Appropriate technology


Explain why planting trees is a solution

Roots bind soil together, cheap, long term, can be used as fuel wood


Explain why magic stones are a solution

Planted across contour lines, they prevent surface run off and increases infiltration and soil fertility. Cheap to build and increases crop yield


Explain why appropriate technology is a solution and give examples

Boreholes for drinking water/irrigation