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Smith Low Pressure Hydrant - The Smith hydrant has a black barrel with a silver bonnet. There are two outlets, one 2 1/2 inch and one 4 1/2 inch. This hydrant is equipped with two valves, a main and a drain which are both activated by the operating nut on top of the hydrant. The number on the barrel of the hydrant indicates the size of the main supplying the hydrant. What does a white line under the number on the barrel indicate?

A white line under the number on the barrel indicates this hydrant is on a dead end main and is only supplied from one direction. Dead end mains are generally smaller in diameter and provide less water than mains fed from two directions


Dresser Low Pressure Hydrant - The Dresser hydrant differs from the Smith in appearance but its operation is the same. The barrel is painted black and the bonnet silver and it is provided with two outlets, one 2 1/2 inch and one 4 1/2 inch. This hydrant also has two valves (main and drain) which are activated by the operating nut. The Dresser hydrant will provide ___ to ___ greater discharge than the Smith hydrant
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10% to 15%


Chapman and Eddy Hydrants - Both of these hydrants were originally installed by private water companies and differ from the Smith and Dresser hydrants. These hydrants will have either two 2 1/2 inch outlets or one 2 1/2 inch and one 4 1/2 inch outlet. The Eddy hydrant is found in areas served by Jamaica Water Supply. In what direction do these hydrants open and close?

It opens and closes in a direction opposite of the Smith and Dresser hydrants. New York City has recently acquired the Jamaica Water Supply
Company. New hydrants as well as replacement hydrants will be standard NYC hydrants. Hydrant barrels will be painted black and open in the same direction (clockwise) as other city hydrants.


High Pressure Hydrants - These hydrants are being removed and are out of service. If units encounter these hydrants they can still be used if operational.
True or False

They may still be encountered, however, and their use should be avoided


Which hydrant connection provides the largest water flows of any hydrant connection?

35-foot Soft Connection - This is the newest of the four connections available to the engine company chauffeur. Constructed of yellow, 5-inch synthetic hose (4½ inch butts), this connection is versatile and easily handled. It is usually carried in a trough on the front bumper extension, but can also be stored near the side intakes. This hydrant connection allows an engine apparatus to be positioned anywhere from a foot or two to almost 35 feet from the hydrant. This connection
can also be used over or around obstructions such as automobiles, ADV’s, rubbish piles, etc. and it provides the largest flows of any of the hydrant
connections. Units utilizing this hydrant connection shall insure that it is flaked out prior to hooking up to the hydrant. This hose shall only be used as a supply line from a hydrant.


Which hydrant connection permits the most flexibility in apparatus positioning?

50-Foot length of 3½ inch Hose - This is one length of standard 3½ inch hose (3 inch butts) set up for rapid connection to a hydrant when use of the 35-foot soft connection or the 10-foot small connection is not possible. This option permits the most flexibility in apparatus positioning, but provides the least water flow


Which hydrant connection must be used for Drafting?

10-Foot Hard Suction - This hydrant connection (4½ inch hose with 4½ inch butts) is larger in diameter than the small connection, but of equal length. As its name implies, it is constructed of a rigid material, which makes it very difficult to
bend. This connection must be used for drafting (Evolution 6). It is rarely used for connection to hydrants


10-foot Small Connection - This connection (3½ inch hose with 4½ inch butts) requires closer and more accurate positioning of the engine at the hydrant and is carried on the side of the apparatus in a horizontal tray. Although it is semi-rigid,
it can be bent and connected and will straighten when charged with water. This hose shall only be used as a _______ ____ from a hydrant.
Fill in the blanks

Supply Line


A threaded hydrant cap with three (3) indentations on its surface. Except for the three tapered indentations, the cap has a smooth rounded
surface which prevents removal using conventional tools. The wrench matches the indentations on the cap and also contains the standard socket to fit the hydrant operating nut. Both 2 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 inch outlets are provided with Hydra Shield caps.
NOTE: The wrench fits both the 2 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 inch caps.
What Hydrant Security Device is this?



A free spinning cap which completely covers
the hydrant operating nut to prevent it from being turned on by unauthorized users. A special wrench, equipped with an internal magnet, enables the hydrant to be opened. In addition to operating the Custodian guard, the special wrench can
be used to remove and replace the hydra-shield hydrant caps as well as open our standard hydrant.
What Hydrant Security Device is this?

Under no circumstances shall this wrench be struck with an axe, sledge hammer or other similar tool


Hydrant discs are used to provide rapid identification of hydrants that are unserviceable for any reason. when a unit receives them how shall the be marked to identify them?

The company number and individual disc number shall be marked in black on one side of each disc. Discs shall also be used to identify out of service or partially serviceable auxiliary fire protection systems such as sprinkler and standpipe systems.


Different color discs are used to indicate different problems as follows:

White- available in two sizes, for placement on the 4 1/2 inch or 2 1/2 inch outlets of unserviceable hydrants and 3 inch siamese of out of service auxiliary fire protection systems.
Yellow- available in two sizes for placement on the 4 1/2 inch or 2 1/2 inch outlets of frozen hydrants.
Blue- for placement on 3 inch siamese of auxiliary fire protection system to indicate a system is not functioning as a fully automatic system and/or a portion of the system is such that it will operate effectively when supplied.


On any hydrant with the caps securely in place, make sure hydrant is _____ _____before attempting to remove the cap.
Fill in the blanks

shut down


Some hydrants on parkways and expressways are shut down at the curb valve year round. These hydrants could create a hazard if illegally opened and the water was deflected into passing traffic. In order to easily identify these hydrants they are painted what color?

Yellow Hydrants on Parkways and Expressways - To use a yellow parkway hydrant, it must be turned on using a curb valve key.


Hydrants on 30 inch diameter or greater mains in
strategic locations (high and low points). Also allow Water Department repair crews to bleed off air when repairs are completed. These hydrants are painted what color?

Red Air Cock Hydrants - These hydrants are painted red and are excellent sources of water for fire department use.


Twin Hydrant arrangement on large mains for a rapid and adequate source of water for Satellite Water System. Two special hydrants, each with two 4 1/2 inch outlets, painted red and located close to each other. .

Red Satellite Water System Hydrants -
Engine companies should avoid use of these hydrants


If a custodian wrench is broken, it should be delivered to who?

6.9.3 & 4
The administrative Division for replacement by Technical Services. Each Division shall have three (3) wrenches on hand as spares and marked as such.