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Planning and preparing for an engine company response begins the moment the fire officer and firefighter enter quarters. The blackboard at the housewatch desk should be checked for any information that may affect the response or operations of the unit such as?
***SHEA Closing***

Situations such as street closings, hydrants or mains out of service, standpipe or sprinkler
systems inoperative, equipment changes on the apparatus or adjoining companies out of service should be noted and possible alternate courses of action considered and discussed.
Standpipe/Sprinklers OOS
Hydrants and Mains OOS
Equipment changes on Rig
Adjoining Companies OOS
CLOSed streets


Immediately after roll call, the company officer, accompanied by the chauffeur, should inspect and examine the unit's apparatus. Any deficiencies noted shall be remedied or otherwise handled as per Department procedures and proper entries and notifications made by the officer. The following specific topics shall be discussed:
***Dirty Rotten Creeps***

• General response routes and any modifications to normal response routes.
• Road and weather conditions.
• Dangerous areas or intersections.
Dangerous areas & intersections
Response routes & modifications (general)
Conditions of road & weather


At the start of each tour, all nozzles carried on engine company apparatus should be inspected and examined to insure what?
***“inspect The Hose With Fog Control”***

Type of nozzle/tip
Hand fastened to hoseline
Washer in female couplings & tip not dried or cracked
Fog nozzle not clogged & in the straight stream position (rotated to right)
Control handles & shut offs operate freely & maintained in the closed position


Company Drills, Multi-unit drill , Critiques of recent operations
Which is the drill period when firefighters will be most receptive to instruction and will feel free to ask

2.9.1, 2.9.2, 2.9.3
Company drills