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***General Knowledge***
The most common sizes of hose carried by engine companies are:

diameter coupling length max working pressure
1 3/4” 1 1/2” 50’ 250 PSI
2 1/2” 2 1/2” 50’ 250 PSI
3 1/2” 3” 50’ 250 PSI


High pressure engine companies carry 3 inch high pressure hose with 3 inch couplings. This hose has a maximum working pressure of 600 psi. High pressure hose couplings and fittings are painted _____ for identification and are noticeably
heavier than standard couplings and fittings.
Fill in the blank



The Satellite Water System uses what diameter hose?

The Satellite Water System uses 5 inch large diameter hose (LDH) with 4 1/2 inch couplings.


Pursuant to the requirements determined by the Bureau of Operations, each engine company should maintain a minimum of how many lengths of each type of hose?

Each engine company should maintain a minimum of (20) twenty lengths of 1 3/4 inch, (30) thirty lengths of 2 1/2 inch and (10) ten lengths of 3 1/2 inch hose. This includes hose for winter operations, standpipe operations and replacement lengths stored in quarters as well as that which is carried in the apparatus hose beds.


Each length of hose is marked as follows:
Marking Location
***Marriage Date for Females; Creates Remorse for Males

Hose manufacturer’s name or trademark,Date of manufacture on Both ends of hose, not less
than 4 feet from couplings
Coupling manufacturer’s name or trademark,Date of Issuance to unit on the Female coupling
Company and registry numbers on the Male coupling


The date the hose is issued to the company shall be entered where?

7.3.2 & 3
The date of issuance is to be entered in the Office Record Journal
The date of issuance is also the date to be referred to in Department correspondence.


The maximum pressure in hose lines should be limited to 250 psi. Only emergency needs which allow for no other corrective action permit the use of higher pump pressures. Pressures in excess of 250 psi can only be ordered by who?

The Incident Commander.


To reduce friction loss, keep hoselines as straight, as short, and as free of kinks as possible. Kinks in hoselines can significantly reduce required flows and must be removed as soon as possible. How should kinks be removed?

7.5.5 & 7.5.6
Kinks should be removed manually. Attempting to straighten kinks hydraulically by use of unwarranted pressures is not good practice.


The 1 3/4 inch handline is the primary attack line used at structural fires. This hose when used in conjunction with the 15/16 inch MST and controlling nozzle, provides an adequate fire stream and has better maneuverability and easier handling than the larger 2 1/2 inch handline. At a nozzle pressure of 50 psi, the 1 3/4 inch handline will flow approximately ___ gpm.
Fill in the blank

180 gpm


The use of 1 3/4 inch hose would be inappropriate and a company officer should not order it stretched if any of the following conditions exist:

• The line is expected to be used from a purely defensive position.
• An advanced fire on arrival.
• A large volume of water is required to cool a superheated fire area.
• A large body of fire in a large uncompartmented area.
• When the officer cannot determine the size or extent of the fire or fire area.


Coupling hose with two firefighters
• One firefighter holds the hose under the ______ arm, near the male coupling.
• The male coupling is extended, held with two hands about belt high. The male coupling is held steady.
• The second firefighter holds the second length under the ______ arm, close to the female coupling.
• The female coupling is extended to the male, a quarter turn is taken to the left, to seat the coupling, then it is swiveled to the right.
Fill in the blanks

Right, Right


The first thread of both couplings is blunted with a ______ cut. This serves a dual purpose; it protects the threads and also makes coupling easy.
b. One lug, on each coupling, male and female, has a cut in it. If the two cuts are lined up, the hose is in position for coupling.

7.7.1 a & b


Direction of male threads: Always point in the direction of water flow.
True or false

Normally point in the direction of water flow.


Apparatus shall not be driven over hose lines unless absolutely necessary. When it is necessary to drive over hose lines, the following precautions should be taken:
• Charge the line if possible. Hose is more susceptible to damage when it is uncharged than when it is charged because the wheels tend to separate the jacket from the rubber lining of dry hose.
• Running over couplings should be avoided.
• To prevent the hose from bursting, speed should be reduced to a minimum.
5 inch hose shall not be driven over unless what action is taken?

• 5-inch hose should not be driven over unless properly bridged.


What 2 methods should be considered to free frozen couplings?

• Use the thawing apparatus.
• Heat from the exhaust pipe of the apparatus.


Hose on the apparatus is removed and cleaned when?

Hose on the apparatus is removed and cleaned in the Spring and Fall of each year in accordance with Section 13.3.24 of the Regulations.


Any hose that will reach __ years in the current calendar year is to be taken out of service
Fill in the blank



Any hose that will reach 10 years in the current calendar year is to be taken out of service with the company officer immediately notifying who with what information?

The Fire Tools and Equipment Unit via fax the serial numbers, size and length for replacement.


No more than ___ lengths of 1 3/4 inch hose shall be used as lead lengths in any hose stretch. Greater friction loss in 1 3/4 inch hose precludes the use of more lengths without the danger of exceeding the maximum permissible working pressure of 250 psi.
Fill in the blank

six (6)


Each individual length of hose shall be disconnected and drained prior to reloading. When reloading, each length of hose shall be reconnected when?

7.12.7 K
Just prior to reaching the hose bed. Do not preconnect lengths of hose prior to reaching the hose bed or while they lay in the street. This ensures proper drainage of the hose and prevents ice formation during freezing weather.


Company commanders shall establish a method whereby a length of 3 1/2 inch hose can be stretched from what side of the apparatus in the event a hydrant hookup with a standard hydrant connection is not feasible?

From EITHER side


As required by Section 13.2.8 of the Regulations, engine companies shall carry not less than ______ lengths of 2 1/2 inch and not less than ______ lengths of 1 3/4 inch hose (rolled or folded) and the necessary fittings to place a line into operation including, but not limited to, appropriate hydrant wrenches, reducers, nozzles, etc.
Fill in the blanks

three, three


Each engine company shall ensure that an extra length of 1 3/4 inch hose with nozzle, either rolled or folded, is stored on the apparatus. This hose must be easily accessible so that it can be used for what 2 things?

To replace a burst length or for adding to a short stretch.


When rolling a hose:
Place the male butt about __ feet from the female coupling.
fill in the blank

7.13.2 C


When folding a length of hose.Take the completed folds and turn them over so that the male butt is placed on what side of the folded length?

7.13.3 E
The right of the folded length.


Conduct a visual inspection of hose while preparing it for test and prior to charging with water. The following defects noted during the inspection would exclude the hose from being tested.
***GO BMW CAR***

7.14 B
• Abrasions.
• Mildew or rot.
• Burnt hose jacket.
• Worn hose jacket, be sure to inspect area immediately behind couplings for this condition.
• Dried, cracked or broken gaskets.
• Damaged couplings; e.g., out of round.


When doing a hose test connect the pumper to the hydrant on what side of the apparatus?

7.14 C

Connect pumper to hydrant using inlet on side of apparatus opposite the control panel.


When doing a hose test connect what to the pumper outlet?

7.14 C
Attach one way gate to pumper outlet.


Stretch a maximum of two lengths of hose from one way gate to hose test gauge. Hose must be stretched from an outlet which is on the side of apparatus opposite the control panel. This hose is also being tested. Replace it if more hose is to be tested. What size hose can be used to supply the manifold?

7.14.7 & Note
Only 2 1/2 inch hose shall be used to supply the manifold during hose testing operations.


Attach hose to outlets of manifold. Up to _ lengths of hose (___ feet) may be stretched from each of the 2 1/2 inch gated outlets
Fill in the blanks



A water soluble marker is used to mark and draw a line around the circumference of the hose. It should be as close as possible to the male butt at each coupling. A movement of ___ ____or more during the pressure test would indicate the male butt and hose are separating. If this happens, place length OOS.

1/8th inch


Place one firefighter on the ____ side of manifold facing the hose at a distance of __ feet from the hose
Fill in the blanks

15 feet


250 psi shall be maintained for ____ minutes and then gradually reduced to hydrant pressure.
Fill in the blank

five (5)


Chauffeurs must be aware of what during the 5 minute test?

7.14 D
That there is no movement of water in the pumps.


When all lines have been bled of air, fully close the one way gate. How is pressure built up in the lines while the gate is closed during the hose test?

Notes 3
The one way gate has a small opening in the gate. This opening permits the pressure to build while using a minimum amount of water. This feature will minimize the reaction if a length should burst.


All six drain valves located on the underside of the manifold must be kept in the full open position (drain) at all times except when?

Notes 5
When the manifold is in use.