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Size-up begins with the receipt of the alarm and continues until when?

Size-up begins with the receipt of the alarm and continues until the fire is under control. It is an ongoing process that may require modification as operations progress.


If the upper floor windows are inaccessible, or cannot be entered due to their size or construction, who shall be notified?

The Ladder Company Officer shall be notified and those rooms will have to be searched by the interior team.


Windows with sills that are approximately chest high may require a drop of 5-6 feet to floor level. This presents a serious problem if fire conditions force members to exit via this window. What should a member do immediately upon entering a window?

Immediately upon entering, consider placing a dresser, chair or another piece of furniture below this window to assist in egress.


Outside ladder company positions are predicated on whether the roof is flat or peaked. This information must always be transmitted with the signal 10-75.
True or False

Only if this can be determined upon arrival.


Modern three family MDs are often built with three separate entrances that have no common area. What kind of operating tactics should we employ?

These structures require private dwelling tactics due to their PD style design.


When do we VEIS the offset windows on the exposure 2 or 4 side of a private dwelling?

These offset windows are windows that should not be entered for VEIS.
When there are only one or two offset windows (not in line with the other windows of the house) on the exposure 2 or 4 side of a dwelling, this indicates that these are the windows at the top and/or bottom of the second floor staircase.


Porch and garage roofs of normal wood frame construction may provide a suitable platform from which to work. Windows at these locations will allow quick access to the upper floor rooms. Be aware that screened or open porches may not provide protection from fire venting below. When should members not use these roofs for ventilation?

2.7 Note:
Members shall not use porch and garage roofs constructed of aluminum or similar lightweight materials to conduct operations.