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Name the 2 types of construction used in building Rowframe buildings?

Section 5.1.3
Balloon and Braced frame construction.


At a top floor fire in a OLT type Rowframe the Inside team of the 2nd Arriving Ladder companies responsibilities are?

Section 5.6.5
VEIS of the adjoining Apartment including examination of the Cockloft.


Roof access to a Rowframe the Roofman is?

Section 5.7 F
Aerial Ladder, 2nd arriving aerial ladder (if available), Adjoining Bldg.'s (not immediate due to common cockloft).


When can the scuttle be used to descend from the roof at a Rowframe building?

5.7 F 5
When the fire is under control.


For a top floor fire in a Brownstone type Rowframe the 2nd arriving Ladder company will operate where?

Section 5.8 F
The company will split and examine the exposures with the inside team operating in the most severely exposed.


At a lower floor fire in a Brownstone type Rowframe, the OV drops off the roof FF from the bucket and roof size up is completed what is his next 2 jobs he has to complete?

Section 5.9 B
He drops down to ventilate the fire floor when given permission by his officer then repositions the bucket to VEIS the top floor.


Line placement of the first 3 handlines for a fully involved bldg. and fire in the exposures including 1st due engine responsibilities.

Section 6.4 A,B,C,D
1st due engine should drop a 3 1/2" supply line to supply a Tower Ladder and a handline for entering the bldg. 1st line into the fire bldg., 2nd line into the most severe exposure , 3rd line into the opposite exposure.


Line placement of the first 3 handlines for a vacant a row of occupied frames including 1st due engine responsibilities.

Section 6.6 A 1,2,3,4
1st due engine should drop a 3 1/2" supply line for a TL and a handline for the most severe exposure
1st line into the most severe exposure, 2nd line into the fire bldg. or the opposite exposure and the third line going into the fire bldg. or the opposite exposure depending where the 2nd line went.


Line placement of the first 2 handlines for a row of vacant bldg. including 1st due engine responsibilities.

Section 6.6 B 1,2,3
1st due engine should drop a 3 1/2" supply line for a TL and a handline for use on the exterior of the bldg.
1st Handline initially operates on the exterior until tower ladder, multiversal, or large caliber stream can be put into operation and the the handline is stretched into the most severe exposure with the 2nd handline going into the opposite exposure or thru an exposure into the rear yard.


When a floor is fully involved front to rear at a rowframe is advisable to ask the dispatcher for?

Section 7.6 A (BC Responsibilities)
An additional Engine and Ladder.


When 2 or more floors are fully involved, or a top floor fire has extended into the cockloft it is advisable to ask the dispatcher for?

Section 7.6 B (BC Responsibilities)
A 2nd Alarm.


When 2 bldg.'s are involved we have a 2nd Alarm situation when should we consider a 3rd Alarm?

Section 7.6 C (BC Responsibilities)
When it extends past 2 Buildings.


Another type is the railroad flat with two apartments per floor. They generally have four windows across the front, with a rear fire escape. The depth of the building will determine the size and number of rooms. What may be present at these type of Rowframe bldg's that wont be present at a Brownstone type frame?

5.1.2 B. & 5.2.6
1. There may be a dumbwaiter shaft present.
2. The presence of light shafts is also a possibility.
There are many variations in the construction of these buildings. Light and airshafts are found in some, while not in others. Usually the buildings of longer length will have the shafts. Air and light shafts are of wood, and fire in shafts rapidly assumes blowtorch proportions.


The salient feature common to all, regardless of variations in design, is the common cockloft spreading over all the buildings in the row. This cockloft may vary in height from?

One foot to a height tall enough for a man to stand in.


Members are under the "Immediate Supervision" of an officer when:

5.7.11 A Note
A. They are within visual OR voice contact of the Officer.
B. They are working with a search line OR hoseline which is under the supervision of an officer.


The chauffeur of an aerial ladder shall not operate in a manner that will in any way impede their return to the pedestal and cause a delay in positioning or repositioning the aerial for rescue or removal operations. The chauffeur must notify who when leaving this position?

5.7 D
Their company officer of intended destination when
leaving this primary position.


At a fire in a OLT type Rowframe the LCC will, after the roof FF has reached the roof, reposition aerial for VEIS of the fire apartment if fire is on what floor or above?

-3rd floor or above when teamed up with the 2nd chauffeur (or another available member)

-When fire is on the 1st or 2nd floor, VEIS the fire apartment from the exterior using portable ladders when teamed up with the 2nd chauffeur (or another available member).


When the OV determines that it is impractical to get a portable ladder to the rear due to room layout, hallways, remodeling, fences between yards, etc. the OV will have to make a decision whether to
stay in the rear reassuring the victim that help is on the way or proceed to the roof and assist with a LSR rescue. This decision should be based on:

5.7 E
 The emotional state of the victim
 The fire/smoke condition in the immediate vicinity of the victim.
 The location and severity of the fire.


When no rear rescue is needed and the OV is able to enter and search, he/she shall be teamed up with another available member. When unable to team up with another member or if unable to enter
for search, the member shall report where?

5.7 E
He shall return to the front of the building to team up with the chauffeur for top floor VEIS.


Who does the OV notify of the presence of a rear fire escape?

5.7 E
It is extremely important for the OV to notify his/her officer and the IC of the presence of rear fire escape via the HT.


When a TL is 1st to arrive at a brownstone type Rowframe and after dropping the Roof FF at the roof the OV shall position the basket to where?

5.9 B.
The OV will wait for completion of roof size up before repositioning the basket to the fire floor for ventilation as coordinated with and ordered by
the Ladder Company Officer inside the fire area to be vented. After venting the fire floor, reposition the basket to the top floor for VEIS. Prior to VEIS of the top floor the OV shall team up with the roof firefighter (or another available member).


Fires in row frame houses are particularly vulnerable to the quick spread of fire due to their basic design and use of combustible construction material. Speed, operating in close quarters, and mobility of operation are of prime importance, therefore all interior hand lines stretched will be considered

1 ¾".


An engine company, ordered to stretch a line to the top floor of an exposure for purposes of extinguishing the fire in the cockloft, should take what with it?

6.1 C.
A six-foot hook to pull ceilings.