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In most cases the first line is stretched via the interior stairs to the location of the fire. The purpose of this line is to protect the primary means of egress for occupants evacuating the building and to confine and extinguish the fire. An exception to stretching the first line up the interior stairs may be made when smoke is issuing from windows opening onto the fire escape and endangering people trying to come down the fire escape.
True or False

When Flame is issuing from the windows


If it is determined there is no life hazard in the building, the first line is positioned between the fire and the most severe exposure. The most severe exposure does not necessarily mean where the fire is likely to spread. The 1st line in this case should be used to protect what 1st and what 2nd?

Life 1st
Property 2nd


Unless otherwise ordered, the second line is placed to back up the first line. This tactic is used for the following reasons:
• To provide a back-up to the first hoseline in case of a burst length in the first hoseline.
• To provide a second line to be used simultaneously with the first hoseline if fire conditions warrant.
• If the second line is not needed on the fire floor, where can it be used?

It can be advanced to the floor above. The second line stretched must consist of sufficient hose to cover the floor above.


Difficulty might be encountered at some fire situations in conducting a direct attack through an apartment doorway due to a heavy volume of fire, wind conditions or forcible entry problems. One tactic is to enter an adjoining apartment and operate the hoseline through small holes in the common partition wall. Several small holes strategically located along the length of the common wall at approximately ______ level might allow stream penetration into a majority of the rooms in the fire apartment.
Fill in the blank

waist level


In order to assure efficient and timely stretching of the first attack line, the services of the first two engine companies will be utilized. Whether staffed by 4 or 5 firefighters, the pairing of engine companies will in most cases result in a more rapid and efficient hoseline stretch and provides for continuity of the hoseline attack in the event emergency relief of the first engine is required. What would negate the second engine from augmenting and assisting the first engine?

8.3 & 8.4
Unless the presence of a confirmed life hazard requires the immediate stretching of a second line, the second engine shall augment and assist the first engine.


In ___ and ___ story structures, where the amount of hose required is ____ lengths or less, the need to assist on the first hoseline is not as great and engine companies are generally capable of stretching and operating individually. In such cases, the officer of the second engine company should make contact with the officer of the first engine company to ascertain if their assistance is required.
Fill in the blanks

one and two


When the orders are given to stretch a handline, a rapid estimation of the number of lengths required to reach the seat of the fire is in order. The general rule for estimating the number of lengths in the fire building is:

1 length per floor + 1 length for the fire floor.
Ex. 5 story NLT, fire on the 4th floor would require 5 lengths


Initial positioning of the engine apparatus is important. Generally it is better for the engine apparatus backstep to be stopped the proper distance beyond the building entrance, taking into account the type of ladder apparatus responding directly from behind. The location of what part of the ladder apparatus dictates how far from the front of the building the engine backstep should initially be on arrival, before backstretching?

The ladder apparatus turntable


What must be done with the charged line before the fire attack begins?

The line must be bled before the fire attack begins.
The nozzle should be cracked open as the nozzle team waits for water. The sound of exhausting air will indicate water is on the way, and any air in the line will be expelled.


When can we enter the fire area with an uncharged hoseline?

NEVER enter the fire area with an uncharged hoseline. However, the hoseline should be stretched as close to the fire area as possible before being charged. An uncharged hoseline is stretched more rapidly and it is less fatiguing than attempting to move a charged hoseline into position.


The stream should be operated “out front and overhead”. The water should be deflected off the ceiling and upper walls. The nozzle firefighter should hold the nozzle how far out to allow for maneuverability and change of nozzle direction?

At arms length


Who should communicate the presence of a well hole to the members stretching the line?

The engine officer should communicate to the members stretching, the presence of a well-hole, as soon as possible.


The officer should look up the well to see if it goes up the entire stairway. In certain stair configurations, a well exists between the ___ and ___ floor, but the rest of the stairway does not have sufficient space to accept a charged hoseline.
Fill in the blanks

1st and 2nd


The nozzle firefighter has two options depending on the size and configuration of the well-hole.
• Narrow well-hole- how shall they stretch the line?
• Wide well-hole- how shall they stretch the line?

8.14.3 A & D
Narrow - nozzle firefighter drops his/her folds at the base of stairway, securely grasps the nozzle and proceeds up stairway pulling hose up through well-hole.
Wide - nozzle firefighter carries nozzle and lead length in well.
When sufficient line has been pulled up the
well-hole, the line must be secured with a hose


When a second hoseline is stretched up a well hole, caution must be exercised to ensure the first and second lines do not become entangled. To prevent entanglement, the nozzle firefighter should carry only the nozzle and change hands at what location?

At each newel post (turn) as the line is stretched up the well-hole.


When doing a fire escape stretch, the line must be secured with hose straps on alternate floors, starting with what floor?

Beginning with the floor below the fire.


Engine companies should carry __ feet of __ inch nylon rope to be used for a quick, efficient stretch to upper floors or roofs.
Fill in the blanks

75 ft.
3/8 inch
This rope can be used to haul the line:
• To roofs of low buildings, i.e., taxpayers, three story frames, brownstones.
• In vacant buildings when interior stairs are missing or damaged and would present a hazard in supporting an interior stretch.
• In buildings with the staircase winding around an elevator shaft.
• At fires requiring three lines, when the interior stairs already have two lines on them.
• When CIDS or previous knowledge indicates its use.
• In non-standpipe project buildings.


In order to reduce the number of lengths required and speed up the stretch, the line can be hoisted via stair shaft windows with the utility rope. If the fire is below what floor should we stretch up the stairs?

The third floor, the line is stretched up the stairs.