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WC seating: Seat height leg length

measure heel to popliteal fold. add 2 in to allow clearance for foot rest. adult avg 19.5 -20in


WC seating: Seat depth

measure posterior buttock to popliteal fold. need 2 in to avoid pressure from seat against popliteal space. adult avg 16in


WC seating: Seat width

measure widest part of buttocks,hips, or thighs and add 2 inches. Adult avg 18 in


WC seating: back height

seat of chair to floor of axilla with shoulders flexed 90 deg. then subtract 4in. back rest should be below inferior angle of scapula. adult avg 16-16.5 in


WC seating: armrest height

measure from seat of chair to olecranon process with elbow flexed to 90 deg then add 1in. adult avg 9in above chair seat.


parallel bars fit

20-24 deg elbow flexion, grab 4-6 inches in front of body


Walker fit

20-25deg elbow flexion. uses 3 point gait pattern


axillary crutches fit

point 6 inches in front and 2in lateral to pt. 3 finger widths from the axilla. hand grip to ulnar styloid process. 20-25 deg elbow flexion. ( loftstrand arm cuff 1-1.5in below elbow.


Cane fit

20-25 deg elbow flex. handle at ulnar styloid process.


Gait patterns: 2 point

2 crutches or canes. move left crutch with R LE and vice versa.


Gait patterns: 3 point

walker or crutches. assisted device move first, then injured LE, then good leg


Gait patters: 4 point

advance crutch/cane set in place , then opposite LE


Swing to gait

advance LE simultaneously to point of AD. good for increased weakness, paresis, paralysis


NG Tube

for liquid feeding, med admin, remove gas from stomach. Hard to cough with tube in


G tube

through small incising in abdo into stomach. long term feeding or swallowing difficulty.


J tube

through abod wall to jejunum. long term feeding


Arterial Line

inserted into artery. Measures BP and take blood samples. more accurate that BP cuff


Central venous pressure catheter

measure pressure in R atrium or superior venacava. used to evaluate R ventricular function. R atrial filling pressure, circulating blood volume


Indwelling R atrial catheter

inserted though cephalic of jugular vein. to superior vena cava and R atrium. long term admin of substances into venous system. (chemo, antibiotics, nutrition)


Intracranial pressure monitor

meaures pressures exerted on skull. can be epidural sensor, subarachnoid bolt, intraventricular catheter.


pulmonary artery catheter (Swan-Ganz)

soft flexible catheter through vein into pulmonary artery. measures pulmonary artery pressure. need to avoid excessive movement of head neck, and extremities


Nasal Canula

O2 admin up to 6L/min


Oronasal mask

admin O2, meds, mucolytic devices, humidity