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15 yo pregnant F requires hospitalization for preeclampsia. Is parental consent required?

No. Parental consent is not necessary for the medical tx of pregnant minors.


A doctor refers a pt for a MRI at a facility he/she owns

Conflict of interest


Involuntary psychiatric hospitalization can be undertaken for which 3 reasons?

Pt is:
1) a danger to self,
2) a danger to others, or
3) gravely disabled (unable to provide for basic needs)


T or F: Withdrawing a nonbeneficial tx is ethically similar to withholding a nonindicated one.



When can a physician refuse to continue tx'ing a pt on the ground of futility?

When there is no rationale for tx, maximal intervention is failing, a given intervention has already failed, and tx will not achieve the goals of care


8 yo is in a serious accident. She requires emergent transfusion, but her parents are not present.

Tx immediately. Consent is implied in emergency situations.


Conditions in which confidentiality must be overriden

-Real threat of harm to 3rd parties
-Suicidal intentions
-Certain contagious dzs
-Elder and child abuse


Involuntary commitment or isolation for medical tx may be undertaken for what reason?

When tx noncompliance represents a serious danger to public health (ex: active TB)


10 yo presents in status epilepticus, but her parents refuse tx on religious grounds

Tx bc the dz represents an immediate threat to the child's life. Then seek a court order.


Son asks that his mother not be told about her recently discovered CA

-A physician can withhold info from the pt only in the rare case of therapeutic privilege or if the pt requests not to be told.
-A pt's family cannot require the physician to withhold info from the pt


T or F: Once pts sign a consent statement, they must continue tx

False: Pts may change their minds at any time.
-Exceptions to the requirement of informed consent: emergency sitch, pts without decision-making capacity