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What is ethics?

  • A research fild within philosophy, a research dicipline at universities
  • Philosophical reflection about our morality, about what is "right and wrong"
  • the more theoretical or abstract reasoning


What is morality?

Differes between cultures

everyday "right and wrong"

Self-evident attitudes 

everybody has a morality


What is legislation?

  • right and wrong in a legal sense
  • legal norms, enforced by legislative system in each country
  • always based on ethics, or at least on values and principles hold by the society


Name the two bases for ethical thinking

  • consistency
    • if one is to distinguish ethically between situation A and situation B one needs to be able to point to a relevant difference that justifies this
  • no privileges
    • ethical norms and principles proposed shall not favorise myself or my friends, but be of universal character.
      Unless there are valid differences


What is the paradox in animal experimentation?

We use animals in medical research

  • since they are similar enough to give relevant results
  • since they are different enough to justify the suffering and pain we cause


Of how many members does the Animal Ethics Committee in Sweden consist?

15 in total

  • 6 scientists
  • 6 laymen
  • 2 lawyers
  • One who writes the protocol
  • appointed by the swedish board of agriculture


What are the 5Rs?

  • the 3Rs and two other issues that came up with the use of GM animals
  • responsibility
  • respect
    • for ethical dilemma
    • for ethical paradox
    • for life