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Which joint mobilizations are used for stretching or increasing ROM?

Grades III and IV


Which of the following describes a grade III mobilization?

Large amplitude movement at the end of the ROM


If your patient has limited thumb abduction what type of glide would you perform to help increase thumb abduction?

Fix the trapezium and glide the first metacarpal dorsally


The plumb line falls on all of the following landmarks EXCEPT for which one?

Line falls posterior to the lateral malleolus


Which of the following is not true of physical therapy?

Only PT can do PT


Which of the following is true regarding motion at the wrist flexion?

The Midcarpals account for approximately 60% of flexion movement


When applying US to the pes anserinas where should you place the sound head?

Distal to the medial tibial condyle


Which of the following is an accurate explanation regarding the cubital fossa?

The radial nerve is located between the brachioradialis and the brachialis


What is the open-packed position of the proximal ulnar-radial joint?

70 degrees elbow flexion and 35 degrees supination


What position causes the most stress at the Patellofemoral joint?

Open chain exercises from 25-90⁰


If a patient is lacking the last 5 degrees of knee extension, what glide would you perform?

Anterior glide of tibia on femur


How would you test T1 Ventral horn?

MMT of the dorsal interossei (resisted finger abduction)


What is the most common cause of meniscus injury?

Axial load in a semi-flexed knee


For a patient who has a NWB LE, which gait pattern is the most efficient?

3 point swing-through


Cancer kid – what do you do when he asks you if he has cancer?

Schedule a meeting with the Dr. and Parents


A study by Flynn, et al was published in 2002 with the following CPR for LBP &spinal manipulation which of these does not belong?

Duration of Symptoms < 16 days

(NOTE this value DOES belong - but the answer on the test is the wrong number we just couldnt remember the exact number!)


During the initial phase of ACL rehab, a patient should avoid which of the following activities?

Repetitive squats in the 60°- 90° range


Patient had an anterior shoulder dislocation, which muscle groups need to be strengthened the most?

Adductors and IRs


Which of the following is the most unsterile part of “sterile” equipment?

Bottom half of gown


If a patient presents with Trendelenburg gait, what is the best exercise to have them perform?

Bridge with resisted abduction


Patient comes into your clinic with left shoulder pain following a day of golfing. Upon examination you find there is no increase in his symptoms. What could the patient’s pain be due to?

Cardiac ischemia


During a supine bicep curl (starting from full arm extension) state the muscle actions that occur throughout the the full ROM (0-150)

Concentric contraction of the elbow flexors from 0-90 and eccentric contraction of elbow extensors from 90-150


An older lady has weak UE and a history of falls which AD device would you choose for her?

Front wheeled rolling walker (that folds)


Which of the following is the best way to increase ROM?

Sustained sleeper stretch with 1# weight


When the shoulder is in full extension and IR and the elbow is fully extended. What term best describes the biceps?

Passive Insufficiency


Following tendon injury/repair what is the correct treatment method?

Apply strain to allow it to orient new fibers in the area of distress


In the patient with burns on his dorsal hands and forearm and the opposite broken ankle what AD would you choose?

Axillary crutches


Identify what needs to be changes in the picture with the crutches

Raise handles, decrease over height


Describe the relationship of the patient and PT during evaluation

Pt sitting, PT sitting


What muscle is most affected by surgery of greater trochanter?

Gluteus medius