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Where did Italian immigrants tend to live in Scotland?

They tended to live with fellow Italians, Glagow being the most common destination. For example, Glagow had the third biggest Italian community in the UK by World War One.


How did Italian immigrants make money in Scotland?

Many set up their own businesses. Often these businesses would sell food, such as Cafes and Ice cream, which helped popularised fish and chips. For example, Nardini's was set up by an Italian immigrant.


What were housing conditions like for Italain immigrants?

Much like other immigrants, Italians tended to live in the poorest areas of towns and cities, where overcrowding and poor sanitation were common. For example Grassmarket in Edinbrugh housed alot of Italian immigrants, which was known for housing problems.


How did Italians keep a link to Italy while in scotland?

Italians lived together in their own communities, spoke Italian with one another and inter-marrage was encouraged. They also supported one another. For example they would often support other Italian businesses like cafes and restraunts.


How did Italian immigrants promote their culture in Scotland?

Italian immigrants set up groups which offered Italian lessons for children and gave the opportunity of business loans to help Italians start their own businesses. For example, Casa D'Italia, was one of these groups.


How did Italian immigrants affect religion in Scotland?

Most Scots were protestant, while most Italian immigrants were Catholic. This led to an increased number of catholic worshipers living in Scotland, which had an affect on religion. For example there was more Catholic churches built around Scotland so that Italians could practice their faith.


How were the Scot's relationships with Italian immigrants?

Since there were not many Italian immigrants that came to Scotland, the discrimination they faced was minimal. Since many Italians set up their own businesses, they were not blamed for stealing jobs, therefore limiting criticism.


How did Scot's views towards Italians change during World War Two.

World War Two changed the relatively good relationship between the Scottish and Italians. This was because Italy supported Nazi Germany, so Italians were seen as the enemy. For example, some were attacked on the streets or falsely arrested.