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How did employment encourage people to leave the Scottish Lowlands?

If Scots were prepared to leave Scotland, there was a higher chance of gaining a job in anothing country. This was important to many Scots as levels of unemployment in the Lowlands were quite high. For example, many travel companies advertised the promise of work in places like Canada.


How did Scots use thier skills to get jobs?

Employers in other areas of the empire would hire Scots because of their experience with work. Many Scots had already developed their skills in farming and trades while in Scotland, so employment was easier outwith the country. For example, many were employed to establish sheep farming in Australia and some became miners in Canada.


What did Scots do if they did not want to work for someone else after migrating?

Many Scots set up their own businesses. This was easier in other parts of the empire as forgein countries offered the chance to have a company which traded goods or that was part of the farm trade. For example. the son of a Scottish emigrant founded the chocolate company that makes freddos.


Why were wages better for Scottish immigrants in other parts of the empire?

This was because Britain's empire colonies neeeded skilled workers like farmers, factory workers and miners so that they could grow their economy. To attract these workers, they promised higher wages than in Scotland. For example, in the late 1800s, granite workers in the USA could earn more that three times what they did in Scotland.


Why did land encourage Scots to emigrate?

Many Scots whp decided to emigrate were poor farmers who weren't making enough money in Scotland, this was especially true after the highland clearances, when many were kicked off farmland after struggling to pay rent. Countries needed skilled farmers to grow crops on their land, so free or cheap land was advertised. For example, Australia and Canada offered free or cheap land, which allowed many to become land owners and avoid the threat of eviction.


How did housing encourage Scots to migrate?

In Scotland, housing conditions were poor. Many Scots faced problems such as overcrowding and poor sanitation, which caused the speading of disease. After emigrating, housing conditions were much better, partly because there were less ill people and some people even got their houses built for them. For example, Dr John Hutchison in Canada, who was his town's first docor.


How did family and friends encourage Scots to migrate?

Family and friends of Scots would write letters back home and describe their lives abroad. This encouraged many Scots to make the journey to other countries, with promises descirbed in the letters. For example, these included housing arrangements. It also reassured Scots that they could practice their culture and religion, even after migrating.


How did religious reasons encourage Scots to migrate?

Some Scots made the journey aborad for religious reasons. Mainly, it was to spread the chirstian message to other areas of the empire, where christianity wasn't established. This also included helping other Scots continue to practice their religion. For example, many presbytarian churches were set up in Australia and New Zealand.