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How did immigrants impact on Sottish religion?

Mass integration saw more catholic and jewish immigrants enterIng Scotland too, which impacted on religion. For example, more catholic churches and jewish synagogues were built around Scotland.


How did immigration impact on hosuing conditions?

Increased population put pressure on the ammount of available housing in Scotland. Since immigrants were normally were quite poor, most lived in the countries worst hosuing, which led to problems. For example, overcrowding and the spread of diseases, which also created resentment amongst Scots. Nearly half of Irish immigrants lived in single ends.


How did navvies impact Scotland?

Some Irish workers travelled around the country building and developing Scotland's infrastructure. For example, railawys, roads and canals.


How did immigrants have an impact on working conditions?

Some Irish and Lithuanian immigrants became involved with trade unions and campaigned to improve the working conditions of Scottish workers. For example, Irish migrants were active in the labour party and campaigned for better working conditions.


How did Italians impact the Scottish food industry?

Some Italians sold ice cream and chips, which some argue helped popularise these foods in Scotland. For example, Nardini's was created my Italian immigrants.


How did immigrants impact on the economy?

immigrants set up their own businesses selling a variety of goods to Scots. Jewish immigrants tended to set up tobacco and clothing companies, and the Irish set up businesses too. For example, Thomas Lipton created a tea fim in Glasgow.


How was sports in Scotland impacted by immigrants?

immigrants set up different football teams and clubs over Scotland, which made the game more exciting for viewers. For example, Cletic was set up by Irish immigrants.


How weer names affected by migration?

Some Lithuanians changed their names to better integrate and avoid discrimination, while other names were brought by immigrants. For example, Irish and Itlian immigrants brought the names Capaldi and O'Connell to the country.