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How did Scottish immigrants impact Australia's farming industry?

Many Scots that immigrated already had farming skills from ther homelands, so set up farms in Australia, or worked on other people's farms. For example, John MacArthur set up a farm in Australia and is said to be the main founder of Australia's sheep industry.


How did Scottish immigrants influence Australia's banking industry?

Scots impacted Australia's banking by setting up different banks across the country, while other helped run the bank. For example, many Scots held senior positions in the Bank of New South Wales.


How did Scottish immigrants impact religion in Australia?

Some Scots who travelled to Australia acted as missionaries and attempted to spread the christian message. This was done through converting native communities and setting up churches. For example, John Dunmore Lang helped to spead the Presbyterian Church across Australia.


How did Scottish immigrants impact Austalia's education system?

Many Scots came to Australia to work as teachers and helped to develop Australia's education system. This was done through the opening of schools and univeristies. For example, St Andrew's College was founded by Scottish immigrants.


How did Scottish immigrants impact Australia's politics?

Mant Scots influenced the countries government by running for policital positions locally as well as nationally, with some even leading parties. For example, Adrew Fisher from Scotland was the Prime Minister of Australia three times and led the Australian Labour Party.


How did Scottish immigrants impact towns and cities in Australia?

Emigrant Scots named towns in Australia after places in Scotland as well as bringing some Scottish architecture to Australia. For example, places named after Perth and Dundee were situated in Australia.


How did Scots impact culture in Australia?

Scots set up clubs in Australia which brought over Scottish traditions. These had the purpose of allowing immigrants to remember their homelands through music and food. For example, the St Andrew's Societies.


How did Scots impact the native people in Australia?

The relationship between Scots and the natives wasn't very good. Land arguments caused conflict between the two groups, as the Scottish wanted to farm on the land that was sacred and holy to the natives, which caused conflict. For example, the attack in Warrigal Creek which saw up to 180 natives being killed, led by a Scot.