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What kinds of industries did Scottish migrants help develope after arriving to Canada?

Many Scots used their skills from Scotland to work in Canada. Large numbers found work on or set up farms, as many came to the country with the hopes of becoming landowners due to the cheap land. Many people also worked in more industrial jobs as the country's industry was growing. For example, these jobs included factory work, mining and steel industries.


What other ways did Scots impact the economy in Canada?

Many Scots also set up their own businesses after arriving in Canada. These businesses were often quite successful and created jobs for other Scots, one industry was the fur trade. For example, the Hudson's Bay Company was a fur trade company that employed many people from Orkney, they mainly killed beavers for fur.


How did Scots impact Canada's financial industry?

Rich Scots impacted the financial industry in Canada as some set up their own banks and investment companies. For example, George Stephen, who was presentant at the Bank Of Montreal.


How did the Scot's religion impact Canada?

Some Scottish people left Scotland in the hopes of spreading the christian faith. They did this through trying to convert the native people to christianity and integrating religious elements in some schools. For example, one way they spread christianity was through building more presbytarian churches in Canada.


How did Scots impact Canadian politics?

Some Scots had significant roles in Canadian politics. Many became involved in local and national politics. For example, John A, Macdonald, who emirgated from Scotland, was Canada's first Prime Minister.


How did Scottish immigrants impact education in Canada?

This was through Scottish immigrants establishing schools across Canada. These schools often taught the scottish curriculum and general life skills to succeed in Canada. For example, St John's College in Manitoba.


How did Scottish immigrants have an impact on Canadian culture and traditions?

Some Scots set up Scottish clubs and events that brought Scottish traditions to Canada. This included Burns Societies which took part in reading Robbie Burn's poetry and brought over the tradition of celebrating the Burns supper.


How did Scots have an impact on Canadian natives after migrating?

Scots and the native's relationships were quite mixed. Scots tried to built links with native people through trading and medidcal care, this was partially to win the support of natives in wars. For example, its estimated 600 native people fought with britain in the wars. However land arguments did cause some problems to their with this relationship and caused conflict.