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What impact did Scottish immigrants have on New Zealand's economy.

This was through many differnet ways like bringing skills from Scotland and working in different industries. This also included setting up businesses. For example, the Union Steamship Company that was funded by many Scots.


What impact did Scots have on New Zealand's education ?

This was done through setting up different schools across New Zealand, some being the first of their kind in the country. For example, Scots set up the University of Otago and also helped to run the country's first medical school in the same area. They also opened New Zealand's first all girls school


How did Scots impact on New Zealand's banking?

Many Scots set up and helped run banks across New Zealand. For example, the National Bank of New Zealand was set up in 1872 with an emigrant Scot as it's first bank manager.


How did Scots have an impact on New Zealand's culture and religion?

Some missionaries came from Scotland in an attempt to spead christianity. They did this through converting native people and setting up churches. For example, Reverend Thomas Burns was sent by the Free Church of Scotland to open a new settlement.


How did Scots immigrants have an impact on New Zealand's politics?

By participating in local and national elections, some Scots shaped how the country was run. For example, Peter Fraser was New Zealand's priminister for nine years and was born in Scotland.


How did Scots immigrants impact on culture in New Zealand?

Scottish emigrants introduced different sports, music and literature to New Zealand. For example, the highland games were held in areas all over New Zealand.


What was Scot's relationships like with the natives?

Initially there had a positive relationship, between the two, with many trading with each other. The natives even helped Scots survive winter by supplying food. Eventually, there were land arguments which led to conflict. To solve this they introduced deals to buy land, but this ultimately didn't not work and conflict broke out. For example, the New Zealand Wars like the Northern War between the natives and settlers led to 3000 people dying.


How did Scots impact on New Zealand's public works?

In the 1870s the New Zealand government browwoed money to develop the county's public works, with many Scots coming to New Zealand to help build them. For example railways, telegraph lines and roads were built/improved.