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Where did Jews tend to live in Scotland?

Jewish immigrants tended to live in simillar locations as each other. Initally, the majority lived in often poor areas with low quality housing. For example, the Gorbals area in Glagow.


What kinds of jobs did Jewish immigrants work while in Scotland?

Many found jobs in the tailoring industry, since these jobs were relatively easy to come by, however the working coniditons were hard. For example, they worked for low of pay and long hours in places like Edinbrugh and Glagow.


What kind of businesses did Jewish immigrants open in Scotland?

Eventually Jewish immigrants were able to open their own businesses. They sold a wide variety of products, with their businesses being so successful that they could move out of poorer areas. For example, tabacco and furniture businessess were set up by Jews.


What changed for Jews after World War One?

Over time and especially after world war one, Jews were earning more money. This let many Jews get an education in Scotland, with many going to unviersity. For example, there was an increase in jews who managed to get well paying jobs like doctors and lawyers.


What were housing conditions like for Jewish immigrants?

Initially, they lived in poor quality housing, with the consant threat of diseases and problems with overcrowding. Eventually, Jews managed to move to richer areas once they were earning more money. For example, the West End.


How did Jewish immigrants keep practicing their faith while in Scotland?

Since there were a lack of synagogues and rabbis, Jews struggled to conduct religious services. Eventually, Jews set up synagogues to practice their faith. For example, Garnethill synagogue in Glagow.


How were the Scot's relationships with the Jewish?

Since many people in Scotland were christian, many did not agree with the Jewish faith, leading to anti-semetic feelings. For example, some Scots did not like Jews working on Sundays.


How did Scots find working with and under Jewish immigrants?

Scottish workers disliked Jewish immigrants as they worked for low wages. Scots believed this cut everyone's wages, giving them less money. Jewish business owners developed a bad reputation. For example, they gained the title harsh 'masters', because of the poor working conditions that they offered.