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psychodynamic therapies

attempt to uncover repressed childhood experiences that thought to explain a patient's current difficulties


techniques used in psychodynamic therapy

free association, dream analysis


free association

a psychoanalytic technique used to explore the unconscious by having patient reveal whatever thoughts, feelings, or images come to mind


dream analysis

Frued believed that areas of emotional concern repressed in waking life are sometimes expressed in symbolic form in dreams and patients behavior may have a symbolic quality as well


carl rogers person-centered therapy

the therapist create an accepting climate and hows empathy, freeing clients to be themselves and realizing their natural tendency towards self-actualization


gestalt therapy

a therapy organized by fritz pearl and that emphasized the importance of clients' fully experiencing, in the present moment, their feelings, thoughts, and actions and taking responsibility for them


relationship therapies

therapies that attempt to improve clients' interpersonal relationships or create new relationships to support clients' efforts to address psychological problems


family therapy

therapy involving an entire family. with the goal of helping family members reach agreement on changes that will help heal the family unit, improve communication problems. and create more understanding and harmony within group


group therapy

a form of therapy in with several clients (7-10) meet regularly with one or more therapist to resolve personal problems


self-help group

provide may individuals with the support they need to overcome self-destructive behaviros


token economy

a behavior modification technique that rewards appropriate behavior with tokens that can be exchanged later for desired goods and/or privileges


time out

a behavior modification technique used to eliminate undesirable behaviors, especially in in children and adolescence, by withdrawing all reinforces for period of time


systematic desensitization works

a behavior therapy that is based on classical conditioning and used to treat fears by training clients in deep muscle relaxation and then having them confront a graduate series of anxiety-producing situations (real or imagined) until they can remain relaxed while confronting even most feared situation



behavior modification technique used to eliminate undesirable behavior, especially in children and adolescents, withdrawing all reinforces for a period of time


the process of exposure and response prevention

a behavior therapy that exposes patients with obsessive-complusice disorder to stimuli that trigger obsessions and compulsive rituals, while patients resist performing the compulsive ritual for progressively longer prions of time


aversion therapy

behavior therapy in which an aversive stimulus is paired with harmful or socially undesirable behavior until the behavior becomes associated with pain/discomfort


participants modeling

a behavior therapy in which appropriate response to feared stimulus is modeled in graduated steps and the client attempts to imitate the model step by step, encouraged and supported by the therapist


Ellis' REBT

rational emotive behavior therapy- designed to challenge clients' irrational beliefs about themselves and others


Becks cognitive therapy

a therapy designed by aaron beck to help clients stop their cognitive errors as hey occur and replace them with more objective thoughts


the side effects of antipsychotic medication

tardive dyskinesia- almost continual twitching and jerking movements of the face and tongue, and squirming movements of the hands and trunk



selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors- block the retake of the neurotransmitters serotonin increasing the availability at the synapse in the brain. few side effects/ treating many disorders


"wonder drug" for bipolar disorder

lithium- a drug used to treat bipolar disorder, which at proper maintenance dosage reduces both manic and depressive episodes



(xanax, valium) used to treat anxiety, prescribed more often than any other class of psychoactive drugs


the disadvantages of drug therapy

difficulty in establishing the proper dosage, do not cure psychological disorders, leading people to relapse when their symptoms are released because they stop taking drugs


patients that benefit from ECT

biological therapy in which electric current is passed through the right hemisphere of the brain; usually reserved for patients with server depression who are suicidal


what condition is cingulotomy used for?




online support group


culturally sensitive therapy

a approach to therapy in which knowledge of clients' cultural backgrounds guides the choice of therapeutic interventions


gender-sensitive therapy

an approach to therapy that takes into account the effects of gender on both the therapist's and the clients's behavior


what consumer reports found regarding psychotherapy

how the clients rate therapies
Overall clients fell as though they benefited substantially from psychotherapy
Clients seemed equally satisfied with their therapy, whether it was provided by a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or social worker
Patients who took a drug (Prozac/ Xanax) believed it helped them, but overall psychotherapy alone seemed to work about as well as psychotherapy plus drugs


what is the relationship between time in therapy and improvement?

patients who were in therapy for more than 6 months did considerably better than the rest; vernally the longer a patient stays int therapy the more they improve



a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of metal illness



an expert or specialist in psychology