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John Gast - from StLouis (lived in NYC)

American progress 1872

- Floating seamlessly into the west

- the idealization of American west

- to right Manhattan & brooklyn bridge a technical invention

- telephone wires

- wester exspansion. Bringing civilization.

- groupings of types. farmers, terrified natives, mountain men with horse, running buffalos

- she is carrying a schoolbook

- brings education tot he west

- “god wanted us here. he showed us the new world”

- the idea that the west consisted of nothing. mountains, indians, buffalos

- 1893 - the frontier is over. then about bringing it together.

- the fantasy of freedom - idealization of expansion


George Catlin

Buffalo chase. 1832


Charles Deas

Long Jakes, 1844

- typ: hunter trapper

- rugged, wild hair, beard

- you had to be a “real man” to survive


Charles Deas

The death struggle, 1845

- wester story - escaping afight with the indain.

- Everyone is terrified except the white man. stronger, calm, on a white horse

- fiction, art, political action - imaginiative/fiction

- both indians same features=no personallity. depicted as a group, not individuals


Charles Deas

Voyageurs 1845

- the noble savge. Living with nature.

- Fascination in haw far from civilization they are.


William T Ranney

Trapper’s last shot, 1850

- narrative, high drama.

- the narrative is up to the viewer


William T Ranney

Kit Karson, 1845

- idealized image

- only carrying a blanket and some liqure. Where is the lagguage?

- images for the eastern market

- if you are a white amn who lives like an indian. It is of chice=it is masculine and cool

- City living = too cilvilized. wanted to be reminded of te wild life. To live life


George Caleb Bingham

Family life on the frontier, 1845


George Caleb Bingham 1811-1879

- Born Virginia, moven to Missuri

- trained with Chester Harding

- 1838 introduced to genre paintings by Sidney Mount

- American Art Union distrubuted his works/prints

Fur traders descending the Missouri, 1845

-older gentleman and young boy (look care free, enjoying the ride) decending the moissuri river

-in front, young bear that they have captured

-foreground very detailed. Background lumenous and arieal perspective

- great depiction of the water. reflective, still and calm

-acclaimed one of his best


George Caleb Bingham

Jolly Flatboatmen, 1846

- Depicts the importance of the river in the west

-working conditions at the time

- idealized relaxed images for the easterners/north

- horixontal lines and triangular composition to place focus on dnacing man

- the innocence and wildness of the west, scenery and stillness of the river


George Caleb Bingham

Jolley Flatboarmen in Part, 1857


George Caleb Bingham

Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap, 1851

- The composition of the grouping reminds of Virgin Mary in the donkey


A.F Tait

The life of a Hunter, 1858

- Masculinity

- what men dream about. To stare down the danger

- the idea of conquering nature


George Catlin

Cler-Mont First chief i the tribe, 1834

- one of the "inventors" of the indian stereotype



Charles Bird King

Young Omahaw..., 1822

- the is all about indians 1820-50s

- the typical stereotype - one of his better paintings


Charles Bird King

Hayne 1822


Charles Bird King

Jack-o-pa, 1827