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John Vanderlyn 1775-1852

-Trains briefly with Gilbert Stuart

- studies in France

- Tight Neoclassical style. Grand manner.

- Inspired by Jaque Louis David


John Vanderlyn

The death of Jane McCrae 1804

- Neoclassical/Rainaissance rticulation of musclature

- emphasis on the figures in the foreground

- dramatic lighting

- Her lover in the distance, too late

- was one of the rotunda pictures

- resemles postures in David's "The Lictors Bring Brutus the Bodies of His Sons"


John Vanderlyn

Adriane asleep in the island of naxos 1815

- nudity ok if historical/religious scene

- dramiatic lighting

- not so strict with anatohmy, idealization


John Vanderlyn

The gardens of Versailles 1819

Panorama Rotunda

-to show the avrage Newyorker what it looked like

-styalized. Not a concern for formality


Rembrant Peale 1778-1860

-Painter, museum keeper after his father

- Early portrits, then to France.

- inspired by David


The court of death 1820

- quoting the “nightmare” (dante)

- Hiarchitic and compositional scale among the figures