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Washington Allston 1779-1843 Self Portrait 1805

- one generation after Stuart & Trumbull

- begins painting at Harvard, 1800 -Studies in England. Visits Paris & Rome

- Fist American artist painting the sublime (the worst of feelings) Movment, reflections, mysterious

-Mimicking Titan

- Sometimes very romantic, other times Neoclassical


Self portrait 1805

- Sublime=Alternative to enlightenment

- showing himself as an intellectual gentleman

-plaster/stucco scattering from wall=space torn with age, ruin? symbol of grand tour


Washington Allston  

Italian landscape 1805

- Very typical composition of Allston: Figures in foreground - water in middle - mountains in background.

- “Claudian” framing= trees/objects on sides


Washinton Allston

Dead man revived by touching the bones of prophet Elisha 1811-14

- Neoclassical inte ht eway the bodies are sculptural.


Washinton Allston Boat,

Rising of the thunderstorm at sea 1804-08

- Romantisism & Sublimliness = the insignificance of man, smallness of man, inabillity of overcoming nature


Washinton Allston

Elijah in the Dessert 1818


Washinton Allston

Moonlit landscape 1819

-made up landscape.

-typical composition

- no narrative (figures unidentifiable) = expressing a mood (internal, spiritual, meditative)


Washinton Allston

Belshazaar’s feast 1817-43

- works on it for very long



Samuel F.B Morse 1791-1872

-Born Charlestown Massachusetts

-Goes to Yale 1808-10. Private student with Allston

-1811, oes to England, studies with West

-Never really break through

-Spends his last 30 years of his careerdeveloping code & the telegraph

-Long life. Nobody remembers him as a painter

- realized he wasnt as good as Jarvis

Marquis de Lafayette 1826

-Comissioned by city of New York. A big comission for Morse.

-show him in a realistic way. Not too styalized. A littel fat. Not too heroic scene


Samuel Morse

Gallery of the Louvre 1831-33

-To show how great he was and how great the artwork in the Louvre is.

-The idea was to educate the American. Was supposed to be a traveling exhibition

-Also tell about how art studies were done in. learning from the Masters

-Van Dyke, Titan, Poussin, Rubens...

-Morse and daughter in center James M Cooper in left corner


Samuel F.B Morse

The Old House of Representatives, 1822


Samuel F.B Morse

Susan Walker Morse (the Muse)1836-37

-High style romantisism

-softening & sentimental features


Samuel F.B Morse

Niagra falls from table rock 1835

- Morse was not very talanted with depicting nature