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John Jonstan

Still Life with fruit, 1810

- Still Lifes wwre decorative. One could not have flowers inside all year

- ride of wealth made people buy more art


Charles Bird King

The poor artist cupboard, 1815

- Tromp l’oeil - to fool the eye

- details and symbolism

- paper in corner talks about an artist estate= all he owned was his paintings

- full of little notes that realte to an artist and poverty

- living off of bread and water

- artist is unknown. Some fancy objects


James Peale

Balsam Apple and Vegtables

- Always lit form let side


Rapaelle Peale

- Has the skill but refuses to paint portraits

- Lack of concern about conventions

-People interpret thm as representeations of psychological themes

- one can unpack mnultiple meanings

- his paintings connect with various audience depending on which angle you take on reading it.

Blackberris, 1812

- berries are almost touching table -


Raphaelle Peale

Cutlet and Vegtables, 1816

-Asparagus are analyzed to be his fingers


Raphaelle Peale

Still life with steak

- violence and sexuallity

- fall still life


Raphaelle Peale

Apples and Fox grapes 1816

- Rotten fruit/decaying sinsibility

- The cut in the orange has the same shape as LL in his signature


Raphaelle Peale

Venus rising from the sea - a depiction (After the bath), 1823

- To fool you thath behind the cloth is a naked woman print

- one has done x-ray and found a painting of the artist. Just as his fathers museum painting. The painting si a copy of a portrait his father did of him.


Severin Roesen 1815-1872

- Crouded compositions - From germany

- Decorative rather than intellectually challanging

- Victorians loved thair still lifes

- From templates

- insp dutch 17/18 C paintings. Color, composition

Still Life with Fruit and Champagne, 1852


Severin Roesen

Still Life: Flowers, 1852