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vWF Disease Rx

Desmopressin (releases vWF stored in endothelium [WP bodies])


DIC Labs

- Decreased platelet count
- Increased BT
- Increased PT
- Increased PTT
- Increased D-dimer (increased fibrin degradation products)
- Schistocytes
- Decreased fibrinogen
- Decreased factors V and VIII


DIC Pathogenesis

Widespread activation of clotting --> deficiency of clotting factors --> bleeding state


Antithrombin Deficiency Labs

- Normal PT and PTT
- Diminishes increasing PTT following heparin administration
- Also acquired through nephrotic syndrome


Factor V Leiden Defect

Mutant factor V (G--> A DNA point mutation near cleavage site) --> resistant to degradation by protein C
- Most common cause of hypercoagulability in Caucasians
- Normal PT, unchanged when Protein C is added


Protein C/S Deficnecy

- Decreased ability to inactivate Va and VIIIa --> increased risk of THROMBOTIC SKIN NECROSIS WITH HEMORRHAGE AFTER WARFARIN ADMIN


Prothrombin Gene Mutation

Mutation in 3' untranslated region --> increased production of prothrombin --> increased plasma levels and venous clots