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What is contained in the 1) white matter 2) grey matter

1) oligodendrocytes and bundles of axons
2) neuron soma + dendrites and glial cells


What is the significance of the kink between midbrain and diencephalon?

the orientation of the brain is not in a vertical line, so "dorsal" describes location of two different axis and the kink is where the dividing point is


what are the ridges of the cerebrum

gyrus / gyri


what are the grooves of cerebrum

sulcus / sulci


T/F the lobar organisation shows functional significance

false, the boundaries are very arbitrary


Does Brodmann areas show functional significance? How many areas are there?

yes, 52


What is the main function of cerebellum?

compares what you want to do with what you are doing. It provides error correction for motor program


What is the main function of basal ganglia? What are the three main areas of BG?

initiates voluntary movements, provide basic motor pattern for complex movement to build on
Caudate, putamen, globus pallidus


What are the two main functions of hypothalamus?

regulate homeostasis and control pituitary


To what spinal segment does the spinal cord terminate?



What is falx cerebri? and what is its function?

a strong, arched fold of dura mater that descends vertically in the longitudinal fissure between the cerebral hemispheres

it divides the cerebral hemispheres and has a protective role against trauma


What is the tentorium

an extension of the dura mater that separates the cerebellum from the inferior portion of the occipital lobe