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Ductus Arteriosus

A shunt that connects the pulmonary artery to the aorta in order to bypass the fetal lung.


Conjugated Protein

A protein that derives part of its function from covalently attached molecules (prosthetic groups).


Beta Oxidation

Catabolism of fatty acids to acetyl- CoA.


Mitral Valve

Located between the LEFT ATRIUM and LEFT VENTRICLE. The valve consists of two cusps and prevents back flow of blood from the left ventricle to the left atrium.


Ego-centrism, define and what stage of Piagets development?

It is a self- centered view of the world in which one is not necessarily able to understand the experience of another person.


Mass Defect

The difference between an atoms atomic mass and the sum of the mass of protons + neutrons


Somatic Nervous system- is it apart of central or peripheral nervous system? What is it generally responsible for?

Peripheral nervous system, and it is required for voluntary movement.


What is self-handicapping

An impression management strategy where one creates obstacles to avoid self-blame when he or she does not meet expectations.


Compact Bone

Very dense, and it consists of Haversian systems-- osteons.


Coding strand

The strand of DNA that is not used as a template during transcription, also called the sense strand.


Master Status

A status with which a person is most identified.


Peripheral Nervous System

All neurons not in the CNS, including the sensory and motor neurons that connect to the CNS. It can be divided into the somatic and autonomic nervous system.