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Bloody supply to the penis?

Blood supply to the penis is via the deep arteries of the penis
-branches from internal pudendal artery
-from internal iliac


Blood supply to the scrotum?

Blood supply to the scrotum is via the internal pudendal and branches from the external iliac artery


Where does lymph from the scrotum and most of the penis (not glans) drain to?

Drains to the superficial inguinal nodes (superficial fascia of groin)


Where does the lymph from the testes drain to?

Drains to the lumbar nodes (around abdominal aorta)


What is the ejaculatory duct?

Combined duct of the vas deferens and the duct from the seminal gland


The prostatic arteries are branches of which artery?

Vesical arteries


The uterine artery is a branch of which artery?

Internal iliac


At what level do the ureters turn medially to enter the posterior aspect of the bladder?

Ischial spine