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Main cause & less common causes of all BLOODY, SEROUS, WATERY discharge from nipple

1. HYPERPLASTIC LESIONS (hyperplasia, papilloma, carcinoma in situ, invasive ductal carcinoma)
2. Duct ectasia
3. Pregnancy


Main cause & less common causes of coloured opalescent discharge from nipple

1. Duct ectasia
2. Cyst


Main cause & less common causes of Milky discharge from nipple

1. Physiological
2. Galactorrhoea of endocrine origin


What types of nipple discharge does hyperplasic lesion NOT cause?

Coloured opalescent discharge (duct ectasia, cyst)

Milky discharge (physiological, galactorrhoea)


(4) Features of missed cancers

1. Young Age (less than 40)
2. Multiple visits with the patient complaining of a similar problem
3. A palpable abnormality which is disregarded because a mammogram is reported as normal
4. Multiple clinicians reviewing the patient without appropriate communication

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